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Aliens - general information

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Aliens from classification to abductions

UFO sightings are only one aspect of studying the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects. These objects are managed by someone. Most likely, aliens arrive at flying saucers and other aircraft.

In this section of the website, we will try to organize information about aliens in order to learn the true truth together with you.

Is there evidence of extraterrestrials in Egypt in the USSR?

Date: 2020-12-09

Is there evidence of extraterrestrials in Egypt in the USSR?

The mystery of the construction of the pyramids to this day is haunted by scientists. How did semi-savage tribes in Northern Africa learn to build super-complex structures? And there are no preliminary processes: first, small palaces, then, having accumulated experience, bigger structures, and the final – great projects! Nothing!

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Naga - the trail of reptilians in India

Date: 2020-12-08

Reptiloids in India - naga race

Today we will talk about reptilians. Why they are credited with an extraterrestrial origin? Can they not be descendants of an ancient race that existed on our earth long before the appearance of mankind? Many Indian temples are decorated with images of half-snakes and half-people. This can not help but attract attention.

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Different types of aliens - classification and photos

Date: 2020-12-06

Types of aliens:classification and photos

There are different types of aliens, in this article, we tried to classify all the species in one place. From Greys to Reptiloids. Knowing what aliens look like can be useful to you at any time. After all, meeting with aliens does not always Bode well. The material will be interesting to everyone.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

Commander of a nuclear submarine. I saw a UFO coming up

Commander of a nuclear submarine. I saw a UFO coming upIn the video, he claims that in the area of Novaya Zemlya, he saw at a distance of 50 cables (9 km), as a giant multi-faceted egg-shaped object emerged from under the water and went into the clouds.

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