Is there evidence of extraterrestrials in Egypt in the USSR?

Is there evidence of extraterrestrials in Egypt in the USSR?

The mystery of the construction of the pyramids to this day is haunted by scientists. How did semi-savage tribes in Northern Africa learn to build super-complex structures? And there are no preliminary processes: first, small palaces, then, having accumulated experience, bigger structures, and the final – great projects! Nothing!

With all the skepticism, the Soviet secret services still allowed the possibility of contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Therefore, when in 1961-during this period, N. S. Khrushchev was very friendly with Egypt – the Egyptians informed the Soviet leadership about a strange find, a special group immediately flew to Cairo.

Here's what. In 1961, two treasure hunters opened a previously unknown entrance to one of the pyramids in Giza. The goal of the looters was clear-to find valuables. Opening the stone gate, they entered the tomb. Here, except for the stone sarcophagi, they saw nothing, neither on the floor, nor in the recesses and niches, but nevertheless, they searched the tomb with torches. Soon both of them felt unwell, as well as some strange pressure as if coming from the walls. Despite the thirst for prey, the Arabs knew about the "curse of the pharaohs" and believed in hordes of deadly bacteria in ancient graves. So they both ran away.

Flying saucers in Egypt

The next day, the men felt even worse. Their relatives took them to the hospital, where one of them died two days later. The second, fearing a similar demise decided to repent and told the story of the tomb, which, in his words, was "the grave of God." It should be noted that you can hear a lot of similar stories in Egypt.

Information about the "grave of God " quickly reached the Soviet Embassy. At that time, the USSR and Egypt were not just friendly, but in close relations. Perhaps that is why the Egyptians informed their "Russian friends" about the strange tomb.

The military attache from the Soviet Embassy and several archaeologists who were in Egypt at the time was checking the message about the "grave of God". What they found formed the basis of a secret special report to the KGB of the USSR. It reported that the remains of a certain creature were found in the tomb, the age of which may exceed the age of all previously found mummies.

In the USSR, they knew that the pyramids have a number of properties that are inexplicable from the point of view of science and that they can hide things and technologies that are unknown to modern society.

The formed special group included not only archaeologists but also KGB officers, as well as soldiers for physical work. Do not forget about virologists-incomprehensible death of the discoverers of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Lord Carnarvon, and his associates did not allow to take lightly the "curse of the pharaohs".

The tomb was examined by experienced Egyptologists, but they could not explain the unusual inscriptions and the shape of the sarcophagi. The tomb also contained fragments of pottery with incomprehensible hieroglyphs.

Footage from a secret film about the opening of the sarcophagus by a special group from the USSR

In a written report by KGB major Safronov, it was reported that "15 boxes of exhibits and mummified bodies from sarcophagi" were removed from the tomb. The description of these bodies clearly defines them as members of a different race from the ones we are used to. "The mummified bodies," Safronov writes, " were about 2 meters high." This was much higher than the Egyptian who lived several thousand years ago. A study of mummies, held in the Soviet Union with the helpstudies of the carbon-14 isotope showed that the bodies were about 12-13 thousand years old. Although the most ancient is considered to be the pyramid of Djoser, built in the period from 2667-gopo 2648 BC. So, the bodies were transferred to the pyramid much later than the moment of death? Or are all these dates wrong?

A number of Soviet Egyptologists have found an explanation for the mysterious mummies in mythology, which defines the founders of the dynasty of the ancient Egyptian Kingdom as gods who flew from heaven and taught people new knowledge. According to Plutarch, the original earth king was Osiris, who reigned in Egypt with his wife (and sister at the same time) ISIS. And according to the myths, Osiris was a God who descended from heaven in a "flying boat". Experts also put forward a version that the pyramids could be energy storage devices for alien ships. And, accordingly, their construction was carried out using technologies unknown to the Egyptians. After all, no one has yet been able to explain the appearance of a developed civilization in backward peoples in a different way.

Footage from a secret film about the opening of the sarcophagus by a special group from the USSR

The information obtained with the help of Egyptologists was classified in the USSR for many years. And then, according to one version, in the 1990s, during the era of the wild market, one of the retired security officers sold a documentary shot by a KGB cameraman to Western TV companies. The film was shown on several TV channels first in the United States, and then in Europe.

Black-and-white footage captured the Soviet military performing an autopsy on sarcophagi in a tomb in the Giza area. Although it is impossible to say that the mummy in the tomb is the remains of a creature of extraterrestrial origin from these frames, it is also impossible to refute this. According to the documents, medical experts in Moscow issued a conclusion about the non-standard structure of the body and the placement of the remaining organs after embalming in the mummies under study. Which is easy to interpret as the fact that there were alien creatures in the tomb. Then the pyramids are also objects of unearthly origin?

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