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Secret documents and other materials are not available to the public! This is a special section available only by subscription. Here you can find exclusive documents and videos that are not available in other places. Also, you can watch our video, which is only for youtube channel membership - for free, due to this website subscription. These materials are available only to us and no one else!

There are exclusive secret documents from the CIA, NSA, KGB, and other organizations. In addition, there will be posted secret photos of aliens and UFOs, as well as other documents of special services. There are photographs of rare artifacts from private collections that are inaccessible to ordinary viewers. 

Where did we get these materials? We had access to the archives, some of the materials were translated from other languages into English. It's a titanic effort, so we don't publish it for everyone. Materials are only for favorites! Just join us!

The list of unique materials is regularly updated.

Reporting materials according to the expedition Hissar-84. A large number of UFOs from spheres to creatures

Date: 2023-10-17

Reporting materials according to the expedition Hissar-84

A special amateur public research expedition Hissar-84 was organized on the initiative of the Bureau of the Commission of Planetology of the Geographical Society of the USSR. The purpose of the expedition is to study anomalous phenomena in the environment in the Pamir-Alai region (the southern slopes of the Hissar range, on the Siam River, in the area of the hydrometeorological station).

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The impact of UFOs on various types of equipment.

Date: 2023-10-15

The impact of UFOs on various types of equipment. What are they hiding from us?

The most diverse types of UFO impact on various types of equipment are recorded: from the harmless rotation of compass arrows to the death of aircraft.

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History of the study of anomalous phenomena by the Soviet Navy intelligence

Date: 2023-10-12

History of the Soviet Naval Intelligence Investigation of Anomalous Phenomena

In the post-war years, military and civilian sailors of various countries visually, as well as with the help of technical means, increasingly recorded anomalous phenomena (AP) and mysterious objects - both in the depths of the World Ocean and at the junction of the hydro-and atmosphere.

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Amazing UFO sightings

Date: 2021-10-17

Amazing UFO footage 2021

By chance, we came across a UFO that landed on the field, the lights of which we noticed through the trees. I will immediately warn you that the video is worth watching to the end, in addition to the object through the trees, I went to record a video

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Cigar-shaped UFO. UFO sightings 2021

Date: 2021-10-02

Cigar-shaped UFO. UFO sightings 2021

This possible cigar-shaped UFO was captured by us today in our anomalous zone, which has already been discussed in previous issues.

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UFO sightings 2021. 2 UFOs from the expedition

Date: 2021-08-30

UFO sightings 2021. 2 UFOs from the expedition

Today we were on an expedition again, you can see the coordinates of the area on the screen. at 4:19 am. I found a strange object in the sky that was moving towards the southeast, just in case I started shooting videos and tried to enlarge the object as much as possible.

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Real UFO sightings 2021. Real flying saucer

Date: 2021-07-23

Real UFO sightings 2021. Real flying saucer

This video was shot in 2021 in Russia, several objects were chasing the plane at once. One of which was shaped like a flying saucer. The objects were also observed visually, and not just by the camera.

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Real UFO sighting from Russia

Date: 2021-07-09

Real UFO sighting from Russia

This video was taken by our team during an expedition to the anomalous zone. A strange object flew to the northeast past the Orion belt. The object is quite massive and fast. They were removed for a long time until their fingers froze. The shooting was carried out on October 29, 2020, at 5.49 am

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UAP sightings 2020

Date: 2021-06-22

UAP sighting in 2020 from the anomalous zone

This video was taken on October 9, 2020, during our expedition. An unidentified object suddenly appears and flies with acceleration

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Real triangular UFO in Russia. Triangular UFO video

Date: 2021-06-12

Triangular UFO Sightings in Russia 2020

This video was taken during our expedition. The triangular UFO has the shape of a triangle, as you can see for yourself

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

The European myth of the FOUNDLING and the connection with the modern phenomenon of UFO ABDUCTIONS of babies

The European myth of the The woman was lying in bed. Suddenly the lights went out. Suddenly she heard the door open. She jumped up quickly from the bed and turned on the light. Then she saw a dwarf with a big head, who had already taken her newborn baby

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