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Amazing UFO footage 2021

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Amazing UFO sightings 2021

Dear friends, today we have captured a phenomenon inexplicable by modern science. By chance, we came across a UFO that landed on the field, the lights of which we noticed through the trees. I will immediately warn you that the video is worth watching to the end, in addition to the object through the trees, I went to record a video, bypassing these very trees, and what I saw did not disappoint me, the UFO was really there, which the video confirms. I'm showing you the video exactly in the chronology as it was recorded. That is, first our dialogue, then the events. watch to the end.

We arrived at one of the places located near the highway and parked, the coordinates will be in the description. Our attention was attracted by a bright glowing yellow Object that appeared and then went out.

The object was behind the trees. By the way, we have already been to this place in a brighter time before and there is a deep hole in the field behind these trees. Currently, it is autumn. There's quite a lot of dirt there. Look to the end to make sure that I am telling you the truth.

Accordingly, there can be no equipment in the form of tractors and other agricultural machinery there, there are no lighting poles directly in the tower either. However, we can observe the light.

To be honest, it was creepy, but the desire to show you what we will see was stronger. We were filmed from the car, checked, including without glass, in order to exclude the possibility of parasitic light that could be reflected from somewhere. No guys, it's not a parasitic light. This is not a reflection of any kind of light, it is a real Light source behind the trees somewhere deep in a hole in the fields.

Amazing UFO sightings

It didn't approach us, but then we tried to shine flashlights. Despite the fact that we are constantly trying to catch UFOs and, in general, we are not afraid of anything, the feeling of fear has gone from somewhere inside.

At that moment I wanted to launch a live broadcast to be as objective as possible, but the Internet stopped working. As soon as the object disappeared, the Internet and cellular communication, in general, turned back on.

Then, overcoming my fear, I went out with a flashlight and a night vision camera turned on and went around these trees, you are following my route now. You can easily identify the lights from the highway lighting, I have already turned 90 degrees from the original video. I continued to shine the flashlight in the direction of that very place of illumination and was amazed. In response to the light of the lantern, a UFO lit up, standing on the grass in this moat. It was about 6 feet wide and about 5 feet high. He caught fire and disappeared from view. I was in a state of shock and found nothing better than to turn around and go to my car. To get to this place to study the landing site is unrealistic, there is impassable mud even if you go there on foot in waders.

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