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About UFO-AC research group

We are a free community of UFO researchers who have been actively investigating mysterious phenomena for more than twenty years. Our research experience allows us to apply scientific methods to verify each UFO case, it is important for us to focus on objective data, not emotions.

We are proud of our partnership with ufologists around the world. We invite you to join our community where we discuss current topics in ufology together.

Unlike other resources, we not only collect information about UFO sightings and events, but also provide unbiased analysis. We participate in expeditions to explore and study unidentified flying objects in various anomalous zones.

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And even though the UFO videos may look the same at first glance due to the incredible achievements of cinematography, we were determined to investigate. Our team of experts is engaged in an unbiased analysis of these videos to distinguish real cases from fake ones.

Our analysts are true professionals in the field of scientific research and computer graphics. They have the in-depth knowledge and skills to distinguish original UFO videos from carefully crafted fakes. Their goal is to uncover the secrets of mysterious objects that seem out of reach.

Our approach is based on a scientific analysis of various factors, taking into account physical and optical parameters. We conduct extensive research to study the effects of light, the movement of objects, and their behavior. Our goal is to find evidence to determine whether the object is a real UFO or just the result of technology and imagination.

However, our work is not limited to the analysis of video footage. We actively cooperate with other professionals in the field, exchanging information and conducting joint research. This helps us stay on top of the latest discoveries and trends in the mysterious UFO field.

Our goal is to uncover the truth about this phenomenon. We believe that by unraveling the mystery of UFOsand extraterrestrials , we will be able to get answers to the questions: Who are we here and why? And also to understand who really rules the world!

Stay with us and take part in our research! Only together can we unlock the secrets of UFOs and push the boundaries of our understanding. Join us in the exciting world of UFO research!

Visit us more often and participate in our research! Only together can we fully understand all aspects and nuances of the UFO phenomenon

With respect, to everyone, UFO - AC research group

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