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About UFO-AC research group

We are a free community of UFO researchers. Despite the fact that we have only just entered the Internet, we have been studying UFOs since 1999. During this time, we have gained tremendous experience. We use scientific methods to check all UFO cases that come to us, and we are guided primarily by objective data, not emotions.

A little more about us

We are happy to cooperate with ufologists from all over the world. Feel free to write to us and discuss current topics of UFOlogy.

Marco Rossi

About UsMarco is 27 years old, an Italian ufo researcher. Interests - history, archeology, anthropology. Since childhood, he was fond of science, read many books about UFOs and other mysterious phenomena. I decided to take up ufology in 2015, after I saw a strange object in the sky during a trip to Italy.

Unlike most UFO resources, we not only collect UFO sightings but also check them. In addition, we ourselves are engaged in expeditions in which we search for and study UFOs in various anomalous zones.


Erik Lindström 

Erik Lindström 32 years old, amateur ufologist from Sweden. Interests - astronomy, space research. Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but after receiving a diploma in physics and astronomy, I decided to study UFOs. The first time I saw a UFO in 2010 in Sweden, after which I began to actively study this issue.



 Sarah Lee

Sarah LeeAmerican ufo researcher. Interests - psychology, philosophy, history. I decided to take up ufology in 2003, after I experienced the evidence of a UFO abduction. Since then, she has been actively studying this issue and working with people who also survived the abduction.




Juan Garcia

Juan Garcia45 years old, Spanish ufologist-professional. Interests - physics, cosmology, cryptozoology. I decided to take up ufology in 1998, after witnessing the mass appearance of UFOs in Spain. Since then, he has been actively researching this issue and is the author of several books about UFOs.




Serg Top

A ufologist from Russia, PhD, blogger, has been interested in ufology since 1999, when he encountered an unidentified object close, within 20 meters. Since then, the study of ufology has grown into more than a hobby.




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Visit us more often and participate in our research! Only together can we fully understand all aspects and nuances of the UFO phenomenon

With respect, to everyone, UFO - AC research group

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