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This page contains all the necessary online tools for a ufologist and researcher of the UFO phenomenon. When we start our activity, we were faced with a problem -  all services for determining satellites, the location of stars, and other objects in the sky are scattered across different parts of the Internet. Every time it is inconvenient to search for them. Another way was to keep a bunch of open tabs in the browser.

Therefore, we have created this page for your convenience. We have collected all the necessary services here. If you have any suggestions for replenishing this page - write to us

A flash drive with a unique collection of material on conspiracy, UFOs, and flying saucers.

This flash drive contains not only UFO photos, but also interesting images of past civilizations, as well as photos of aliens. Such a variety of information makes this collection truly unique and exciting. You don't have to go to different sources to get access to this amazing material - it's all in one place.

buy a flash drive with secret materials about UFOs

Send a message to extraterrestrial civilizations

You can leave your message to the aliens by clicking on the button below:

Send a message to the aliens

Image verification tool for fakes

Be sure of the authenticity of photos of UFOs, extraterrestrial beings and other sensational materials.

Photo verification tool for fakes

Track objects in the sky and on the water

Interesting articles

Random UFO or conspiracy article

1948. Aliens in contact with Turkey

1948. Aliens in contact with TurkeyTurkish lands have always been a favorite meeting place for people with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Both mythological and historical records indicate numerous contacts with mysterious beings, representatives of other planets.

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