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Welcome to the pages of our website dedicated to UFOs and conspiracy. The latest UFO and conspiracy news!

Here you can find a lot of useful materials about the unknown, about interesting phenomena. We avoid fakes and try to check all incoming information. Our website has various sections that cover both the subject of declassified public documents and exclusive materials that are not available for public viewing. We have been collecting information about UFOs for many years and now we are presenting it to the public. We have a convenient tag system for dates. You can sort by date events related to UFOs and related materials on them.

Two UFOs were observed over Almaty, Kazakhstan

Two UFO transformers observed over Almaty, Kazakhstan

Everything happened on November 14 in the city of Alma-Ata – the largest metropolis of Kazakhstan, located in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau.

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Missing flight MH370: New details and mysterious video show the abduction of the plane by three UFOs.

Mysterious flight abduction of MH370: analysis of the video with three UFOs

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1 episode of the UFO expedition in Russia. Real UFO videos 2023. A documentary.

1 episode of our expedition to the regions of Russia in search of UFOs. Year of release 2023

This is the 1st episode of our UFO hunt. Filmed real footage of flying saucers, blinking UFOs. All frames are unique!

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Reporting materials according to the expedition Hissar-84. A large number of UFOs from spheres to creatures

Reporting materials according to the expedition Hissar-84

A special amateur public research expedition Hissar-84 was organized on the initiative of the Bureau of the Commission of Planetology of the Geographical Society of the USSR. The purpose of the expedition is to study anomalous phenomena in the environment in the Pamir-Alai region (the southern slopes of the Hissar range, on the Siam River, in the area of the hydrometeorological station).

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Clear UFO video in 2023 in Canada

A clear new video of a UFO in July 2023 and its analysis

On July 17, 2023, amazing footage of a mysterious UFO maneuvering in the sky above the clouds was captured in the Canadian province of Manitoba. Find out what lies behind its sleek, disk-shaped form.

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The impact of UFOs on various types of equipment.

The impact of UFOs on various types of equipment. What are they hiding from us?

The most diverse types of UFO impact on various types of equipment are recorded: from the harmless rotation of compass arrows to the death of aircraft.

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History of the study of anomalous phenomena by the Soviet Navy intelligence

History of the Soviet Naval Intelligence Investigation of Anomalous Phenomena

In the post-war years, military and civilian sailors of various countries visually, as well as with the help of technical means, increasingly recorded anomalous phenomena (AP) and mysterious objects - both in the depths of the World Ocean and at the junction of the hydro-and atmosphere.

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UFO in good quality out of 2015

Clear video of a flying saucer. Analyzing the video

An interesting UFO video that we decided to analyze. There are many questions about it. We recommend to watch it.

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How to get in touch with aliens?

What do I need to do to get in touch with aliens?

Practical recommendations that will help you create your own roadmap for contact with aliens.

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UFO sightings in Russia 2023, triangular shape

Caught on video a triangular shaped UFO

Having seen it firsthand, we feel obliged to share our observations without prejudice and analysis. Trust what we have seen with our own eyes when we present you these unusual observations.

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Top 10 UFO photos according to UFO-AC research group

Top 10 amazing UFO photos

In this article, we'll explore the top 10 famous and controversial UFO photos. From hovering discs to strange light formations, these images spark endless debate among enthusiasts and skeptics, captivating our imaginations.

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A pseudo-ufo story that shocked the world

The Fatal Encounter: mysterious object in the air claims the lives of pilots

Pilots encountered a fatal mysterious object in the air. A deadly ray of light carried unknown radiation. Many people witnessed it. St. Petersburg scientist joined the study from the beginning.

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UFOs were seen from the ISS and from Earth on May 16, 2019

What message did he send to a female astronaut from the USA?

American astronaut Ann Charlotte McClain in 2019 observed a dark silver disc-shaped UFO with a row of blue lights from aboard the ISS. She reported it in 2022.

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Fire Death Attack - UFO destroyed a man

Fire Death Attack - UFO destroyed a man

Farmer Joao Prestes Filho is considered the first victim of a UFO in Brazil. On the evening of March 4, 1946, he was struck by a ray coming from the sky and died the next day in terrible agony. The controversy over his death continues to this day.

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Disclosure of the information report of aerial reconnaissance about the collision with UFOs

Aerial Reconnaissance Information Report

The official document describes how the guy, faced with an unidentified phenomenon, was injured.

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The use of a horn antenna in architecture

The classic case of using a HORN ANTENNA in a RECTANGULAR WAVEGUIDE

Many buildings that still remain from the 19th century should be looked at more closely. Our past contains answers to many questions, including solutions to alternative energy and data transmission.

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Finds that could belong to extraterrestrial beings

Discoveries that Could Indicate Alien Life

People need proof to believe in the existence of an alien intelligence. There is such evidence, and some of them can drive the most avid skeptics to a dead end, because even scientists cannot find an explanation for some of the findings.

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Ancient gods and aliens - another proof from the excavations. Is their invasion waiting for us?

These pagan goddesses rode on lizards and spiders

Will they come back? Is humanity waiting for annihilation? Let's figure it out.

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UAP near Sharapova Okhota and other UFO landings

UAP near Sharapova Okhota and other UFO landings

In any field of knowledge, there are turning points that divide the course of history into before and after, like the launch of the first satellite. For Soviet ufology, such a moment was the landing of a huge UFO on August 20, 1977 in the Moscow region near Sharapova Hunting.

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