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Two UFO transformers observed over Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Two UFOs were observed over Almaty, Kazakhstan

"Do you see us? we respect you ...".

I understand the reaction of eyewitnesses who witnessed the appearance of such an impressive phenomenon in the sky. Everything happened on November 14 in the city of Alma-Ata – the largest metropolis of Kazakhstan, located in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau.

There has not been such a show for a long time, and the objects themselves are very unusual. At first, people saw two "clouds" in the sky around which some dots were spinning. There were different versions - clouds, helicopters, balloons, but the objects behaved in such a way that all these versions disappeared by themselves.

Two UFOs were observed over Almaty, Kazakhstan

The two main objects circled in the sky on a circular trajectory and slowly rotated. A lot of small objects flew around them and then joined them, then moved between the first and second objects.

When one of the eyewitnesses began to take pictures of what was happening on camera, then when magnified (zoomed in) it became obvious that these were not clouds, helicopters, or balloons. The objects - the two main ones, were a mass that absorbed smaller objects, and as a result, the small objects were all absorbed (joined) to the two main ones.

Having absorbed all the small objects surrounding them, two main ones remained, which began to condense and take on different shapes. A little away from them and above, the third is barely visible in the video, but compared to the two main ones, a small object that keeps from them at the same distance.

"It's like in the War of the Worlds, do you remember the movie?", another eyewitness asks the filming and the operator confirms, "Yes, I remember exactly."

In fact, what is happening for ordinary people is a shock, but we must pay tribute to the reaction of eyewitnesses and the operator, thanks to whose calmness we can consider everything that is happening.

Then the UFOs began to slowly gain speed and climb up somewhere. At the same time, eyewitnesses note that UFOs keep at the same distance from each other and when one object is suspended, the second one immediately stops. Both UFOs are moving synchronously.

"I don't like all this," the person filming the event says thoughtfully.

"Why?" his mother asks.

"I don't know... They are kind of strange...", he answers her.

"they'll take us away again... Let's go home," the woman says fearfully.

An eyewitness later reported: "The time was the sixth hour of the evening. I watched the UFOs for about 15 minutes. They moved away at some point and continued to hang. I didn't watch them any further."

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