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Nibiru - dispelling the myths

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Nibiru - debunking myths

Perhaps no hypothetical celestial body has been overgrown with such a layer of the most unthinkable fables. Pseudo-scientific speculation, hereditary psychics, and scary voices on TV, who just does not broadcast about her catastrophic appearance. This is a black hole, a brown dwarf (well, this is a newer version), and a planet. The Sumerians placed it between Mars and Jupiter. Over time, homegrown researchers were forced to move it beyond Pluto.

They didn't find anything there, so it's there And of course, it'll be back soon! Along with the Anunnaki... But, the methods of obtaining and processing information from modern ufologists and fans of Erich von Däniken's work do not tolerate any criticism. Well, what can science, directly astronomy, say to this, because this object must be in its possession?

Nibiru come

It cannot be said that scientists are not mistaken, the basis of many discoveries is the mistakes of previous researchers. For example, the search for a planet in the place where the Sumerians, according to ufologists, placed Nibiru, led to the discovery of the asteroid belt. Not so large-scale and epochal, but true. Nibiru moved beyond Saturn. Then, after Herschel's discovery of Uranus, it was necessary to move it even further.



Astronomers in those days were more interested in celestial mechanics, and carefully studied the movement of already known planets in order to clarify how much their orbits can be, develop mathematical apparatus and increase the accuracy of observations.

Briefly, because the history of the discovery of the next planet is directly detective, observing Uranus, scientists noticed periodic deviations of its orbit from the calculated ones. Observations became more accurate, new methods of mathematical data processing were developed, and deviations remained. They assumed the presence of a transuranic planet, calculated its position, and in 1846 found Neptune.



It was an epochal discovery, a triumph of pure science, for Neptune was discovered solely through the improvement of celestial mechanics. But studying the movement of Neptune again found not taken into account the deviation of the orbit. The search for a long time did not give results, but in 1930 Clyde Tombaugh still discovered Pluto, which was then ranked as a large planet.



It is worth noting that the deviation of the Pluto detection point from the calculated one was quite significant. But nevertheless, after its discovery, they repeatedly tried to detect planets beyond the orbit of Pluto, both with the help of celestial mechanics and simply by studying the obtained images. The only thing that led to this was the discovery of planetoids and the subsequent demotion of Pluto from the category of large planets.

To date, there is no reliable data on the presence of a large planet beyond the orbit of Neptune. Attempts were made to search using computer technology, as well as new sensitive tools. Nothing yet. They discovered quite a lot of planetoids, asteroids, and comets, and got a lot of information about the Kuiper Belt, so in science, a negative result is often far from negative. But Nibiru is not. There is nobody in the Kuiper Belt of sufficient size to receive the status of a planet.

Moreover, there is no black hole, brown dwarf, or other object with a mass comparable to the sun. Such a thing would have been calculated long ago, although I think if it were actually our planetary system would not have formed in the form in which we observe it. So Nibiru exists only in the imagination of mankind, although it has played an interesting role in the history of science!

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