Aliens opposed to nuclear weapons: The truth about UFOs

UFO disclosure. Aliens against nuclear weapons

The title of the article is not a joke, there is a real reason for studying this phenomenon, which is what the United States is doing, regardless of whether they officially recognize these facts or not.

About the report

On June 25, a 9-page report on UFOs was published for the public. The report is bureaucratic in tone and choice of words. It offers neither videos nor photos. Worse, he doesn't offer any details on any of the 144 cases he studied.

But this was only the public version. Although there is something new in it.

  1. The report claims that UFOs are real and that their existence can be verified using a variety of methods (sensors, radar, video, etc.). This allows us to exclude explanations of UFOs by whistleblowers or skeptics since their existence can no longer be denied.
  2. The government has moved from denying the existence of UFOs to forcing them to admit their reality, so tangible progress has been made, even if it is small. UFOs have now become mainstream and have attracted the attention of the public (and this time for real).
  3. The Senate and House Committees on Intelligence and Armed Services received a much longer, expanded report, which is classified. Such secrets in the United States have not been kept for a long time lately. And it is already known that "it has more than 100 pages".
  4. After the publication of the report (and in fact simultaneously), the Deputy Minister of Defense issued a memorandum in which "both military and government employees are instructed to report any observations and are instructed to create better methods for obtaining, recording and analyzing such data." There have never been such instructions to an indefinite circle of people about tracking UFOs/UAP in American and world history.

Memorandum on UFO Tracking/UAP

Memorandum on UFO Tracking/UAP

But even in old documents that have already been declassified and/or leaked through the veil of secrecy, there are more than enough facts and evidence.

We will investigate these facts and phenomena using a scientific method, that is, relying on primary documentation: first-hand eyewitness accounts, military documents, documents of the US government and Congress, notes from the FBI, and other non-advertising structures.

Back in February 1942, President Roosevelt received a top-secret memorandum from General Marshall (declassified in 1974), which stated that on the eve of 15 unknown objects larger than an ordinary plane at a speed of 300 km/h from the ocean approached Los Angeles.

...not belonging to the US Army or Navy, not identified aircraft... They were shelled by units of the 37th SA (AA) Brigade between 3 hours 12 minutes and 4 hours 15 minutes. The units spent 1,430 shells." At the same time, it was clarified that none of the mysterious " planes "were shot down, not a single bomb was dropped by them and" there are no losses among our troops.

And further:

Thousands of residents of the city witnessed the "raid". Photos were taken, which soon appeared in the press. The images clearly show strange disc-shaped objects.

Later, in 1947-1950, similar objects began to appear over Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Hanford, and over other areas where intensive work on the creation of atomic weapons was being carried out at that time.

Although most people are completely unaware of this, the connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons has been repeatedly recorded and documented.

The first known UFO sightings at a nuclear facility occurred in January 1945, seven months before the atomic bombings in Japan. Declassified US Army documents confirm three separate intrusions of unknown vehicles that were tracked while hovering over the plutonium production plant, known as the Hanford site (Washington State).

The Hanford site was a plutonium production plant that produced the fissile material used in the first atomic bomb detonated on July 16, 1945, near Alamogordo, New Mexico, as well as in the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, three weeks later.

Nuclear reactors are built on the bank of the river in the Hanford area

Nuclear reactors are built on the bank of the river in the Hanford area

And this is an excerpt from one of the many reports about UFO flights over Hanford

And this is an excerpt from one of the many reports about UFO flights over Hanford

The files of the US Air Force, the FBI, and the CIA, declassified under the Freedom of Information Act, confirm a convincing, ongoing picture of UFO activity at American nuclear weapons facilities, especially before and after the Roswell incident.

The quote:

Moreover, all UFOs seen at nuclear facilities (from 1945 to the present day) are technologically more advanced means than any of the most advanced aircraft of our time. They can hover, make huge accelerations, instantly turn at right angles and move at hypersonic speed.

The activities of such UFOs or UAPs (for which such abbreviations are no longer suitable since they are mostly identified as "aircraft of unknown origin") sometimes go beyond simple observation and " include direct and unambiguous interference in strategic weapons systems."

Sometimes it takes decades before such evidence becomes publicly available. Over time, the US Air Force has persistently stated that UFOs do not exist, even though they are secretly aware of nuclear affairs and are extremely concerned about them.

Documents confirming the activity of UFOs at nuclear weapons facilities were carefully guarded and only forcibly transferred to researchers in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. The assumption that the US government is spreading false information in order to contribute to a false history of events and somehow influence public opinion is simply untenable.

In an interview on June 8, 2021, excerpts from which I have already cited, Luis Elizondo, former director of the military Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), said that UFOs – or whoever piloted them – are "passionate about nuclear energy."

These ships "interfered and actually turned off" the US nuclear potential more than once, and in other cases, other countries did the opposite, "put them into operational mode".

The quote:

Only the enumeration of the facts of the presence of UFOs at nuclear facilities recorded in American documents takes dozens of pages, and these are only official declassified or leaked evidence from state structures. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that all these cases were investigated in detail, and the reports themselves also take up a considerable amount. In some cases, Senate hearings were held, in which witnesses not only swore their sincerity on the Bible, but documentary evidence was given, and the materials of primary investigations were studied.

How do you like this confession under oath by Colonel Ross Dedrickson, who was responsible for maintaining the inventory list of nuclear weapons stocks of the US Atomic Energy Commission that:

...The US tried to detonate nuclear weapons on the Moon for scientific purposes, but the aliens "destroyed the weapons" before they got to the moon, and that the explosion of any nuclear weapons in space by any government of the Earth is " unacceptable for aliens, and this has been repeatedly demonstrated."

The quote:

I will describe several such events for which extensive investigations were conducted.

A small historical excursion


Location of Minuteman ICBM complexes

By April 1967, 1,000 Minuteman missiles were deployed and operated at six sites in seven states.

The Minutemen were deployed as part of the strategic missile wings of the US Air Force. The total number of missiles in the wing was 150-200. The distance between the mines was 4-8 kilometers so that one enemy warhead could disable no more than one mine.

The "red sites", including Malmstrom Air Force Base, Minot Air Force Base, and F. E. Warren Air Force Base, remain active with 450 Minuteman III; while the black sites, including Whiteman Air Force Base, Ellsworth Air Force Base, and Grand Forks Air Force Base, were decommissioned in the 1990s as a result of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in 1991.

Minuteman ICBM Launcher

Minuteman ICBM Launcher

The Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles were one of the most technologically important strategic weapons systems developed during the Cold War. The first Minuteman missile was put on alert at Malmstrom Air Force Base (Montana) on October 27, 1962.

In 1968, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) was an operational unit of the United States Air Force responsible for the strategic nuclear arsenal based on bombers and ballistic missiles.

Minot Air Force Base, located in the northwestern part of North Dakota, was the main "two-wing" base of the SAC.

The two wings headquartered at Minot included the 5th Bombardment Wing with 15 B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers capable of delivering nuclear and conventional munitions worldwide; and the 91st Strategic Missile Wing, responsible for 150 Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), housed in underground launchers scattered over an area of more than 8,500 square miles.

Typical position and installation for launching an ICBM

Typical position and installation for launching an ICBM

Typical position and installation for launching an ICBM

Typical position and installation for launching an ICBM

The entrance to the lower hardware rooms surrounding the rocket was through a personnel access hatch. A separate launch support building housed electrical equipment, a backup diesel generator, and a brine cooler, which supplied air with controlled temperature and humidity to the launcher.

For more than 50 years, the B-52 has been the backbone of the US manned strategic bombers and is expected to remain in service until at least 2040-almost 90 years after its first flight.

UFO incidents

March 1967.

Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. There were missile launchers for the Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile. Each of the 10 rockets operated independently and had its own power source and backup power. The command and control of these missiles were completely located in the command capsule, and there were no means outside the capsule to influence the missiles. On March 24, 1967, the duty commander of the calculation, Sallas, received a call from a security officer and reported that unidentified glowing objects were flying over the object, performing very strange maneuvers.

The security team was immediately sent to investigate the vaults. Two guards returned in an inadequate condition with obvious signs of insanity, and they had to be relieved of their duties, and subsequently dismissed. A more detailed investigation of the incident showed that all the missiles had logic circuit failures, which led to the triggering of the indication of guidance and control errors.

October 1968.

Minot Air Force Base. Initial ground-visual observations. Early in the morning of October 24, 1968, maintenance personnel and the US Air Force security service were stationed on the territory of the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) complex surrounding Minot Air Base in North Dakota observed several UFOs.

base scheme

the location of the personnel of the security and maintenance service of the US Air Force in the missile complex during UFO sightings.

At 2: 30 a.m., the rocket maintenance team was heading to the launch pad (N-7) when they reported an unusual light in the east. A strange light seemed to move across their car, getting brighter and brighter. By the time they arrived at N-7, a bright UFO had taken up a position "circling in the south".

Security officials described in a similar way that " the object is divided into two parts, they go in opposite directions, return and pass under each other." Another employee reported that "an object that looked like the sun to him" approached a reinforced antenna within the security fence. When the object reached the ground, the light went out. Independent reports describe a very large, brightly lit aerial object that alternated colors from bright white to amber and green, with the ability to hover, accelerate quickly and change direction abruptly.

Documentary evidence.

The researchers managed to find 145 pages of primary documents related to this incident (all of them are available) in the declassified operational files of the Blue Book project.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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