What is the effect of visibility of 2 suns in the sky?

What is the effect of visibility of 2 suns in the sky?

You have often heard that people observe two suns in the sky. what is it? Real objects or an optical illusion?

What is the effect of visibility of 2 suns in the sky?

Halo is the name of a unique optical phenomenon, as a result of which two suns can be observed in the sky at the same time, while this natural phenomenon is considered very rare and it can be seen once in a lifetime, with rare exceptions. The halo phenomenon occurs in several variants, but when 2 suns are visible at the same time, this is one of them, called a "false sun" or parhelion. The phenomenon can occur anywhere in any corner of the world and it is best to observe pargelia when the Sun is low.

The reason for the occurrence: there is a refraction of light due to ice crystals that are contained in cirrus clouds located at an altitude of 5-10 km. Depending on the location of these crystals, the halo may look different.

Hallo and two sun

Another halo occurrence: a solar column - when the sun has not yet risen, and its image is visible above the horizon, it also occurs at sunset.

Astrologers also associate the appearance of the Halo phenomenon with the mysterious wandering planet Nibiru. This legend is very old and has been discussed by scientists since the time of Babylon. In fact, there are no scientific papers confirming its existence, but it is believed that its appearance can occur in the space between Mars and Jupiter once every 3600 years and can be seen in the sky.

UFO nibiru

In cases where the temperature is low in the clouds and such clouds consist of snowflakes, a halo is formed when the plane of snowflakes and ice reflects light. Most often, the halo can be observed in the form of vertical light columns above each light source. This is because snowflakes usually fall in a plane parallel to the ground and reflect light from headlights, lanterns, and so on.

2 suns

But then, when the planes of the snowflakes are vertical, the halo can be formed from the sun and, depending on the location of the clouds, we see one or two false sources of glow, perceived by us as additional Suns. If the snowflakes are arranged randomly and the sun's light passes through such a cloud, then the halo is formed in the form of a full circle surrounding the sun. The more even the snowflakes are, the better the light is reflected and the brighter the circle around the Sun. A halo can be formed not only from the Sun, but also from the Moon.


Sometimes the halo is formed in such a way that, like a prism, it decomposes light into composite colors. And it turns out a rainbow in the sky. Usually a rainbow appears during rain, but it can also appear from snow clouds.


Does this mean that you have no chance to shoot something amazing? Of course, there are chances, the purpose of this article is to show a natural phenomenon, so that you then do not distract your forces and energy to shoot such a phenomenon as a rainbow, halo, etc.

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