Cosmic Disclosure. Randy Cramer: Hybrid Soldier For the SSP

He guarded the Earth on Mars. Randy Cramer. Hybrid soldier in the Earth Defense Force

In 2014, one of the US Marines addressed the press with a statement about his desire to tell how secret military bases on Mars, built as part of the colonization program, function. The man used the pseudonym Captain Kay, his real name (Randy Cramer) it began to appear only in subsequent interviews.

Cosmic Disclosure. Randy Cramer: Hybrid Soldier For the SSP

Details of the shocking statement

Captain Kay claims that he spent 20 years of his service as part of a special unit of the US Marine Corps outside our planet. For 17 years, he was on the territory of a secret base on Mars. After the disaster occurred, he had to serve on a spaceship for the next 3 years. According to Randy Cramer's statement, the government began colonizing Mars back in 1960, hiding the details of this project from the general public. In 1975, secret bases were already functioning on the surface of the planet, the official task of which was research activities.

Refuting the lies regularly reported to the population of the planet, Captain Kay reports that the planet is inhabited, and the amount of oxygen on its surface is sufficient for human respiration. He personally guarded the borders near one of the northern bases. In this area, according to Captain Kay, the air is thin, similar to a mountain at an altitude of 4-5 km. The bases were located under the surface of the planet. About 260 people with their own mission lived on the territory of each of them.

Randy Cramer was among those who were engaged in security and patrolling the territory. Together with his colleagues, the marine had to explore the surrounding area and repel attacks by local residents. During his service, Randy Cramer repeatedly met with representatives of other civilizations. To the north of the base, there was a settlement of insect-like aborigines, to the south - reptilians. The latter showed more aggressiveness towards their neighbors, but it never came to open hostilities. Insect-like aborigines prefer to live underground in burrows.

Representatives of other intelligent species have settled on the surface of the planet. The relationship with the aliens was not stable: they could ignore the presence of strangers, try to negotiate with them or conflict, but it did not go further than small skirmishes. I had to leave the planet in an emergency mode due to the destruction of 2 bases as a result of an attack by dragon-like intelligent beings. The aborigines were able to repel the attack, but more than 500 Earth colonizers died. The people who survived the attack did not risk trying to get to the bases located in the south and left Mars.

After returning to his home planet, Randy Cramer continued his service in the Marine Corps, observing all the secrecy requirements regarding the details of his previous assignment.

The reasons that forced the military to address the public

Captain Kay states that the majority of the country's inhabitants are in serious danger. The technogenic development program chosen by mankind is gradually leading to the degeneration of the Earth, therefore, in order to preserve human DNA, bases outside of it were created to ensure the security of genetic information. But gradually the program, which only a narrow circle of people knew about, was changed.

Its ultimate goal was not to preserve human genetic material for the possibility of restoring the population in the event of a catastrophe but to save only selected representatives of humanity. This explains the increased level of secrecy around this program. Captain Kay warns that the government is trying to free the planet from "superfluous" people by concluding an appropriate deal with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. You can achieve the desired result in several ways at once:

  • by unleashing a war so that people have the opportunity to destroy each other on their own;
  • to provoke an environmental catastrophe in densely populated areas, for example, an explosion of toxic substances at an enterprise near a megalopolis;
  • the use of technology to subdue volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes.

Having spent a huge amount of effort to restore authentic information about his stay on Mars (government agents tried to change the memories of each member of the mission for their own safety), Captain Kay is sure that people are trying to replace the population that grew up outside the Earth. A dangerous program to rid the planet of "genetic garbage" could already be started. Only knowledge can become a true weapon capable of resisting such an insidious enemy as the leader of one's own country.

Consent of the authorities

Randy Cramer claims that by addressing the general public with a public statement, he does not violate his subscription to secrecy. In accordance with article 21 of the internal regulations of the Marine Corps, an infantryman, with the consent of his superiors, has the right to appeal to citizens with a demand to make independent attempts to protect his own life, giving details of the impending threat. A prerequisite for the dissemination of classified information is the simultaneous fulfillment of 2 conditions:

  1. The Government is compromised, destroyed, or for other reasons unable to perform more than 25% of its functions.
  2. The threat is so great that the country's leadership is unable to ensure the fulfillment or preservation of more than 50% of social and constitutional rights and guarantees.

The marine claims that he personally and his leadership has repeatedly made attempts to influence the ruling elite in order to prevent a catastrophe. The result was only a tightening of the ways of suppressing free thinking, in particular, the policy of fear is applied:

  • information about criminals regularly appears in the media;
  • the number of victims from new pathologies, including Ebola, is increasingly reported;
  • the tax regime is being tightened, salaries are being cut, which forces a person to focus on their own problems.

At the same time, the elite is actively colonizing space, using the resources obtained for their own purposes, and not for the benefit of the entire civilization. Captain Kay has received official permission from his management to appeal to the public to warn of the impending danger. Randy Cramer said that he is even ready to start a political career in order to be able to convey information to more fellow countrymen.

The White House does not admit to contacts with aliens

The Marine is sure that the official statement about the successful implementation of the Mars colonization program is unprofitable for the Government. The very information about the existence of alien intelligent beings is capable of destroying the existing order. A statement about cooperation with aliens will plunge the whole world into chaos, which will lead to a loss of authority and comfort for those in whose hands power is concentrated.

The government cannot officially announce that for more than 70 years it has been receiving information about technologies that give an advantage in local wars, in exchange for allowing aliens to take the necessary resources, including biological material (to kidnap people).

Such a statement will cause too many questions among the population, forcing either to reveal an extremely unpleasant and even shocking truth or to lose access to levers of influence on the masses. It is impossible to avoid a gradual leakage of information, therefore, a program for the disintegration of information about aliens has been launched. This is the only thing that the conspirators can oppose to those who are really trying to convey the truth to people.

Facts indirectly confirming the truthfulness of Captain Kay's words

Randy Cramer claims that he is a marine serving in one of the special units, which is why he had access to many secret documents. Indeed, officers can get the opportunity to study the data of intelligence reports, including under the heading "Top secret". Captain Kay claims that he was landed on the surface of an alien planet at the age of 17. At this age, the human brain is more flexible to the perception of unusual, non-standard information, therefore, adaptation to new living conditions was easier. In response to journalists' requests to describe life on Mars in more detail, Cramer said that sunsets and sunrises turn the sky purple and purple, and small animals did not allow him to forget about his native planet. The man also pointed out the presence of oxygen in the air, sufficient for human breathing. Research conducted by scientists in the years following the release of the statement helped to confirm this information:

  • The publication of color images of the red planet proved that its atmosphere has a bluish tinge.
  • Vegetation was captured on some images from Mars, and later small animals resembling terrestrial squirrels got into the camera lens.
  • There is oxygen on the planet, which is released in large quantities into the atmosphere.
  • Scientists have confirmed that the concentration of gas on Mars is constantly changing, having a seasonal character, but they could not tell the reason for this phenomenon to the interested public.

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