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Flying saucer UFO discovered on Mars

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Huge disc-shaped UFO discovered on Mars

The famous ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott C. Waring has once again shared his unusual find.

Huge disc-shaped UFO discovered on Mars

In the image of the surface of Mars produced by the NASA spacecraft, the ufologist saw the outlines of a huge disc-shaped object that probably crashed when colliding with the surface of the planet.

According to the ufologist, the object has a disc-shaped shape. Most likely, the UFO crashed, crashing into the rocky surface of the Red Planet

The object, about 15 meters in size, is partially buried under the Martian soil. This, according to the ufologist, suggests that the UFO had a high speed before the collision, so the pilot of the device tried to slow down its movement on the surface of the planet. The ufologist believes that even before the fall, the UFO was badly damaged since its pilot had no other choice but to make an emergency landing. The researcher draws attention to the fact that even alien ships have their drawbacks.

UFO on Mars

The canyon where the strange object was discovered may have been filled to the brim with these sedimentary layers, which were subsequently destroyed, most likely by the wind. Elongated hills may represent sections of rock that are more durable due to differences in the size of sedimentary particles, chemical changes, or both.

Scott C. Waring:

Scott Waring often finds unusual shots in official NASA photos. However, we urge you to be skeptical of any photo. Analyze on your own. Not always what appears to be a UFO is. It will be all the more valuable when a photo with a UFO is a genuine proof.

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