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Here you can financially support our project! The work of studying UFOs requires the improvement of equipment and the hiring of additional experts and staff, which requires a large amount of money for the project. Every dollar you contribute will only be used for UFO research as part of our FREE projects.

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In 2024, we are planning an expedition to a new anomalous zone, where the locals witness bright spheres and flying saucers. All materials of the expedition will be published free of charge. The sponsors will be listed in the video and their memory will be imprinted for centuries. We are grateful for any help.

We are going to visit India, Naqpur, and prepare interesting materials for you in the public domain

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  • Fred Hannok

  • Paul Collins

  • Amanda Frendlich

  • Leo Voichich

  • Chris Meloni

  • Nate Fishman

  • Ken Luciano


Random UFO or conspiracy article

Harvard scientist said that in a few months people will see evidence of UFOs

A Harvard scientist has claimed that evidence of UFOs will be visible to people in a few months.Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb, who is known for making loud statements about UFOs, believes that in the coming months humanity will receive the first evidence of the extraterrestrial origin of unidentified flying objects.

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