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The US Congress on UFOs and its results

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The US Congress on UFOs and its results

Recently, a meeting was organized in the USA, where evidence of meetings with unidentified objects was studied. Video materials were presented by military pilots. The verdict of the congressmen in a nutshell was as follows:

If we knew what it is, we don't know what it is


Indeed, respectable men in jackets, standing behind the podium, crumpled and shrugged their shoulders. Here, for example, is a screenshot from a video where a meeting with an unknown metal flying object is captured. Everything is so natural, even the sunlight reflects off it and makes it shine:

UFO sightings

The quality leaves much to be desired. In this form, any flying object can be presented as something mysterious. But respectable men in suits looked at the screen in all seriousness and expressed their point of view. There was no specifics from them, it was all water. Further investigation is needed, they eventually decided.

For the sake of objectivity, it is worth noting that this video is made to show something. It is not obvious from it that this is some kind of device. It can be a bolt, rivet or something else. Because the object flies by, and does not perform any attack maneuvers or expressions of interest. It seems that we are specifically shown vague evidence so that people who are not engaged in ufology do not show further interest in this topic

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