PaleoUFOlogy: Exploration of ancient encounters with alien civilizations


Since direct contact between extraterrestrial space civilizations (ESC) and earthlings cannot be ruled out by the use of suitable aircraft, there is no fundamental obstacle to associating certain UFO sightings with extraterrestrial activity. Therefore, it seems reasonable to take a historical approach to studying the question of past contacts, a possibility expressed by K.E. Tsiolkovsky, which does not depend on human desires or theories.

Within the framework of the paleoscience of extraterrestrial civilizations, or what I call the "paleoset problem", paleoufology occupies a central position. Broadly speaking, the central question in this context is whether there have been contacts in the past, what their goals and consequences were, and what prospects there are for the future. In addition, what genetic correlations exist between EC (extraterrestrial civilization) and humanity, and it is essential to systematically address issues related to the simultaneous development of paleocontact theories and UFO identification methodologies. The principle that the Earth is devoid of reasonable external influences has been accepted as a starting point, while the idea of paleocontact is seen as complementary to established concepts.


Reflection theory is a methodology for searching and analyzing reliable facts through the analysis of semantic structures and the identification of a "useful signal". Objects and traces of the material culture of the Extraterrestrial Civilization (EC), their reflection in the consciousness of Earthlings and in monuments, can serve as evidence of contact.

In the initial stages of this research, it is not advisable to search for isomorphic intelligent life, but rather to focus on finding its own kind based on the principles of anthropocosmism. Therefore, it makes sense to focus the search for traces of VC activity primarily on phenomena such as UFOs.

Reflection theory

Based on technological, informational, and geographical criteria, initial data has been selected that could form the empirical basis of the paleocontact hypothesis. The criteria have already identified several types of technology that are likely related to VC, including relatively recent ancient UFO sightings, which are documented in ancient literary sources, including works by 50 Roman writers describing unusual atmospheric occurrences.

We have an extensive collection of ancient images that resemble UFOs and arguments supporting their association with extraterrestrial life. Three categories of technocraft can be identified: those with a clear structural design, those with a functional purpose, and those that cannot be clearly identified. Structural designs are typically represented by images of spacecraft, spacesuits, and antennas. Analogues of these structures can be found in KLA Technocrafts, which are based on scientific and technological expertise. Images in this category function as technological anomalies, and the index of technogenicity (the degree to which they are technologically advanced) is I. The aerodynamic characteristics of these technocraft are similar to those of known aircraft, while their power systems are significantly more advanced.

aliens theory

Many images depict anthropomorphic figures or clearly identifiable human individuals. Among the UFO-like objects, which can only be identified by their hypothetical flight function, there are numerous disc-shaped images. Analysis reveals their aerodynamic efficiency and high energy level.

The class of unidentified technology is not uniform in terms of semantic content or complexity of the images. As a result of a thorough investigation, a hypothetical reconstruction of an object from this category has been proposed, based on an ancient rock carving from Nicaragua. This object is interpreted as a complex energy installation, and maps showing its location and chronological reference points indicate that it has been observed on every continent in the last 30,000 years.

The technological nature of the mysterious ancient images and their typological similarity to modern UFOs do not correspond to natural phenomena, but rather to the technical means of hypothetical paleo-cosmonauts.


The methodological significance of this research is represented by mass expert assessments, reconstructions and models of the phenomena, as well as physico-chemical analyses of the phenomena. So far, the search for evidence has been limited to archived messages. However, it is now possible to approach this issue using paleo-historical information for the benefit of human creativity.

Hypotheses about extraterrestrials and the extraterrestrial origins of UFOs have had a significant impact on society, science, literature, and the arts, helping to solve earthly problems. The identification of UFOs and the search for extraterrestrially controlled entities are cultural issues for all of humanity.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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