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Conspiracy theory - an operation to hide the truth

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Conspiracy theory - an operation to hide the truth

There is one unusual phenomenon that causes a wide range of emotions in people  In our information space – from blind faith to ironic banter. This phenomenon is called " Conspiracy" or "Conspiracy theory". Conspiracy theory is so deeply embedded in our lives that it includes any phenomenon that does not fit into the official scientific, political or sociological version.  In conspiracy theories, the flat earth theory coexists with not yet recognized scientific theories, and aliens and UFOs with covert operations of special services.

However, a thinking person often comes up with one idea because of this diversity: conspiracy theory is a well-planned operation to discredit phenomena and events in all spheres of human life that are not convenient for the world's ruling elites. This statement, by the way, also fits into the conspiracy theory, has every right to exist.

Conspiracy theory - an operation to hide the truth

The first misconception of all people interested in a conspiracy is that there has always been a conspiracy theory, throughout the entire existence of human civilization. But this is a deeply flawed judgment. This theory is a very young phenomenon, invented and introduced into society some half a century ago. In April 1967, the CIA issued a secret dispatch, which for the first time gave the definition and term "Conspiracy" or "Conspiracy Theory", and also described methods to discredit such theories.

The dispatch was marked "CS " and referred to the section "psychological" - for performing "psychological operations" and disinformation. The release of this dispatch was due to a request to the CIA under the "law on information" of The New York Times in 1976. In the Dispatch in particular it is noted:

2. This trend of opinion is of concern to the U.S. government, including our organization...

The purpose of this submission is to provide a methodology that counteracts and discredits the facts of conspiracy theorists, in order to prevent the dissemination of such facts and theories in other countries. The source information is provided in a secret section and in several unclassified attachments.

3. Action. We do not recommend that the discussion of the conspiracy should begin where it did not exist before. In case of active discussion, measures are applied:

a. To eliminate the problem of publicity, you need to use friendly contacts with the elite (especially with politicians and editors). It should be noted that the official investigation of the relevant event is done as thoroughly as humanly possible. The critics ' accusations have no serious basis, and further discussion is speculative and only plays into the hands of the opposition. It should be noted that these theories seem to be consciously generated ... propagandists. It requires encouraging (politicians and editors) to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation.

b. Use propaganda assets and refute the attacks of critics. Book reviews and feature articles are especially important for this purpose. The unclassified appendices to this manual should serve as a useful reference for such actions. Our trick is to show that:

  • critics were connected with the theories even before the evidence was obtained;
  • critics are politically interested;
  • critics are financially interested;
  • critics are hasty and inaccurate in their research;
  • critics are too enthusiastic about their theories.

4. In private discussions in the media that are not directed at any particular writer, or in the case of criticism of publications that are still available, the following arguments should be used:

a. No significant new evidence has been obtained that the Commission has not considered.

b. Critics usually overestimate certain facts and ignore others. They tend to pay more attention to the recollections of individual witnesses (which are less reliable and have more discrepancies) ...

c. An alleged conspiracy on a large scale would be impossible to conceal in the United States, and informants expect to receive large royalties, etc.

d. Critics are often carried away by their intellectual pride, they illuminate a theory and fall in love with it. They mock the Commission because it didn't always answer every question with a simple answer.

d. Vague accusations such as" more than ten people died mysteriously " can always be explained in some natural way...

5. If possible, speculate by referring to the Commission's report itself. Foreign readers unfamiliar with American reality should be impressed by the care, thoroughness, objectivity, and speed of the Commission of Inquiry. Reviewers of other books might be encouraged to add to their account the idea that by looking at the Commission's report itself, they will find that it is qualitatively far superior to the work of its critics.

Key findings on the "conspiracy theory" methodology

Summarizing the tactics proposed in this CIA dispatch, we can draw the main conclusions about the methodology of the conspiracy theory:

  • to say that the silence of so many people about such a large conspiracy is impossible
  • ask people friendly to the CIA to criticize the claims and refer to "official" reports
  • to claim that witness statements are unreliable and false
  • to claim that all the facts and evidence are outdated because "no significant new evidence has emerged»
  • ignore any claims of conspiracy if the discussion about them is already too active
  • to claim that critics are irresponsibly speculating
  • accuse the proponents of the theory that they are attached and carried away by their theories
  • accuse the proponents of the theory of political motivation
  • accuse proponents of having financial interests in promoting conspiracy theories

In other words, the CIA's secret service division created the case that the country was bombarded with conspiracy theories in the 1960s as part of its psychological warfare operations. And, finally, the most important method is to create a wide range of absolutely absurd theories within the framework of conspiracy theory, equating them with the given facts, referring them to the same category, thereby discrediting inconvenient facts and events that do not fit into the official versions.

Key findings on the "conspiracy theory" methodology

In fact, conspiracy theories are so widespread that they are the basis of all Western civilization, from the Greek democracy, the Magna Carta, the American Constitution, and the entire system of free-market capitalism. In the American legal system, there is not only the very concept of conspiracy but also there are specific laws under which hundreds of thousands of people have been convicted. If you enter the phrase "guilty of conspiracy" in the search engine of the legal research network "Westlaw", the search engine will give 10,000 links to court decisions. This number is so small only for one reason – the search engine itself does not produce more than 10,000 results. A Google search results in "Guilty of Conspiracy" in quotation marks with 420000 results, "Convictions for Conspiracy" with 146000 results, and "Convicted for Conspiracy" with 57500 results. Without the quotes, we'll get tens of millions of results.

Of course, any sane person will say that conspiracy is a conspiracy of discord, there is a huge spectrum, both in politics, economics, and even in primitive crime, of the concepts of "conspiracy" and " collusion". However, this is the CIA's methodology, to separate inconvenient facts and events from simple natural conspiracies and collusions and attribute them to unreal, fantasy, thereby discrediting them. The fact is that in American jurisprudence, not only does the concept of "conspiracy" really exist but the broadest practice of law enforcement on it.

In American history, there are many cases where facts and events were first attributed to a conspiracy theory, ridiculed and discredited, and then, after years or decades, they were confirmed. The latest example is Donald Trump's admission that the twin towers were blown up during 9/11, and not collapsed due to the impact of passenger planes on them. In fact, court charges of conspiracy can be found in large numbers on the pages of the American press. A few examples:

- NBC News – " Lay, Skilling guilty on nearly all counts"

- Department of Justice – "Defense Department Official Charged with Espionage Conspiracy"

-  The New York Time - "Former New York-TV official Pleads Guilty to the conspiracy"

And there are thousands of such publications. That is, the term "conspiracy" is quite legal in the United States, but only for certain cases when inconvenient facts and events do not begin to interfere with the authorities and elites. Then, with a slight movement of the hand, the " conspiracy" turns into a "conspiracy theory", is classified as a fantastic conspiracy phenomenon and discredited, until after some time these" conspiracies " receive their documentary confirmation. But, as they say, "it is too late", all the goals have been achieved and no one returns to the inconvenient facts.

Back to the history

In fact, the CIA, in its 1967 dispatch about the creation of a" Conspiracy Theory", did not come up with anything new. Back in the 20-30s of the 20th century, the famous Czech writer Karel Capek wrote a pamphlet entitled "Twelve methods of literary polemics or benefit from newspaper discussions.", in which he described in an extremely concise form not only the way to create a "conspiracy theory "and refer to it on a par with the real facts of the fantastic, in order to discredit them but also the main methods of hiding and distorting inconvenient facts and events and" destroying " the opponent. Many attribute this work to the basics of the modern art of conducting polemics, known as "trolling". The practical application of these techniques and methods in geopolitics in an extremely ironic and humorous form, Chapek described in his brilliant book "War with the Newts". So the CIA is not a pioneer in this field.

The methodology honed over decades now needs only one thing – the invention of new unreal and fantastic theories to compare them with real ones in order to discredit the latter since there are simply not enough unreal ones. Here the human imagination is almost unlimited. There are such fantastic theories that you are amazed how only people can believe in it. But for this purpose, there is a similar methodology – to make people believe in the unreal and doubt the real. This operation is part of the well-known CIA operation Mockingbird to create a parallel Orwellian reality, described by me in the article "The CIA: the path from the hawk to the Jackal".

Conspiracy Theory

To understand what has been said, I want to give a few recent fantasy theories related to the conspiracy theory:

- The Beatles never existed. There is a whole website "The Beatles Never Existed", which actively discusses this conspiracy theory

- Saddam had a Stargate. It is quite seriously believed that there were some Stargates in Iraq, through which aliens came to Earth in uncontrolled quantities, and the war in Iraq was actually started in order to stop this.

- Dinosaurs helped build the pyramids. There is a Creationist school in Malta where Pastor Vince Fenech teaches this particular theory.

- Michael Jackson was killed by the Iranians. On the day the king of pop died, Twitter froze due to a huge number of RIP-tweets that knocked the top trending #IranElection off the top spot. This has prevented Iranian demonstrators from using this trend to organize protests against Ahmadinejad's election manipulation, destroying the protest movement in Iran.

- And at the same time, Michael Jackson is alive, Elvis is alive, Stalin is alive and working as Putin, Mark Zuckerberg is the grandson of David Rockefeller, and according to Britney Spears, Prince Charles is a reptilian.

And only a calm intellectual analysis based on facts and repeatedly presented to the reader is able to reverse the situation, "separate the grain from the chaff" and give an objective picture of the processes taking place in the world and society.

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