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There is a secret door in India that cannot be opened

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India has a secret door that cannot be opened

The incredible sensation of recent years has been the value of the Padmanabhaswami temple in the city of Trivandrum, Travancore province in India.

The discovered treasures surpass all previously known ones, including the tomb of Tutankhamun. But it is impossible to get into the last vault of the temple. The mysterious door leading into it does not want to open.

Padmanabhaswami Temple Door

Padmanabhaswami Temple Door

What is hidden behind the secret doors of Padmanabhaswami? Where did the unthinkable treasures of the temple come from? Why does no one manage to open the door to the last vault of the ancient temple?

Wells filled with jewels

Padmanabhaswami Temple is one of the sacred places of worship for Hindus. People believe that this holy place arose at the very beginning of the fourth century, documents reliably confirm that the temple already existed in the sixth century. The last building was erected in 1750.

The magnificent architecture, many sculptures, and the golden five-meter statue of Vishnu lying on a multi-headed cobra make Padmanabhaswami a real gem among the Hindu shrines.

But in the last few years, the temple has become incredibly famous not because of its beauty, but because of the giant treasures found in it.

Padmanabhaswami Temple

In the independent principality of Travancore, since ancient times, there has been a tradition that on the coming of age of each raja, gold and precious stones were transferred to the treasury according to its weight. In addition, numerous donations from the local population and pilgrims flocked to the temple. For centuries, the temple has accumulated valuables.

They were lowered through special wells into the vaults. According to the records of the temple, there are six such treasuries in the temple. It is believed that the values are protected by the venomous snakes-the incarnation of Vishnu. Therefore, the temple authorities did not care much about security.

There is a legend that 150 years ago, the British military tried to enter one of the treasures, but fled in terror after being attacked by hordes of snakes. After that, they stopped entering the vault altogether, only dumping new valuables into the well. Everyone knew that there were valuables under the temple, but no one knew for sure how many and what.

Oh, the times! Oh, morals!

The scandal erupted in 2007 when lawyer Ananda Padmanabhan and his uncle Sundara Rajan sued to open the temple's treasures, examine and describe the valuables and transfer them to the protection of the state.

The lawyer motivated the claim by the fact that mores in modern India have changed, Vishnu cobras no longer frighten intruders. He was able to convincingly prove that the thieves managed to steal an artifact from one of the vaults. After several years of litigation and public scandal, the court still decided in favor of opening the treasury.

Billions piled on the floor

The opening of the first well shocked the imagination of those present. Thousands of items of gold and precious stones were piled at the bottom of the vault.

Golden Statue of Vishnu

Golden Statue of Vishnu

They were once packed in crates, but they have long since decayed. And for the last 150 years, the treasuries have been sealed, and no one has entered them, except for alleged thieves. Unusual jewelry works of art, artifacts — and all this are made of gold and jewelry. A throne made of gold, weighing half a ton, a golden sheaf as tall as a man, a statue of Vishnu made entirely of gold — these are just some of the finds that have become known.

Only what was extracted from one well is estimated at 22 billion US dollars. After exploring the first treasury, the temple entered the Guinness Book of Records as the richest in the world.

The researchers did not meet the hordes of cobras. But one of the initiators of the opening of the tomb, Sundara Rajan, suddenly died for no apparent reason.

The door that can't be opened

The entrances to the five vaults have been sorted out in recent years, and they are being gradually investigated.

But the sixth vault was a real mystery. The researchers believe that the sixth vault contains even more valuable items than those already discovered since it is supposedly the oldest. A door with a relief image of giant snakes leads to it, which is still impossible to open.

And it's not even a matter of banning the court, concerned that without proper protection, the treasure is being stolen. And not in the curse that the priests threaten. There is no mechanism in the door, no lock that can be opened somehow.

The feeling that the door is closed from the inside in an incomprehensible way. Its doors look like a monolith. Scientists are unable to understand how they opened, although there is no doubt that there is room behind them. According to legend, it was closed and sealed by Vishnu himself, because his personal valuables are stored there. The priests insist that when the sixth tomb is opened, the whole province of Travancore will be cursed.

In 2020, after years of litigation, the Supreme Court of India recognized that the right to the treasure still belongs to the descendants of the Raja of Travancore. Therefore, the fate of the mysterious door can now be decided only by the family of the heirs.

So what's really out there? The treasure version is certainly the most working one, but the treasures don't cover so much. Maybe there is a secret knowledge or a portal? Something we shouldn't know? Time will tell

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