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Hunters forged knives from UFOs?

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Hunters forged knives from UFOs?

The appearance of UFOs has been noted in all corners of our planet throughout the history of mankind. The peoples of the Russian north also have their own legends. One of these legends dates back to the XIX century


On the map of Yakutia, there is a mountain range called Ket-Kap, which means "The ship got caught"(or fell). But what kind of ship could appear on the mountain range? This place is very remote. The nearest large settlements are about 500 km away from it in all directions. There can be no question of any ships other than air ones. However, we recall that the legend and the name of the mountain range goes back to the XIX century. Then only an airship or a UFO could "catch" there from the airships.

By the way, there are quite a lot of notes in the newspapers of those years, in which eyewitness stories about flying objects of unknown shape seen in the sky of Yakutia are recorded.

There is another mysterious story associated with this area.

In 1928, the Soviet pilot N. Oleynikov made an emergency landing in those places. He had to make his way through the impenetrable taiga to people for a long time. During this test, he came across the remains of a Yakut hunter, among whose things, he found an unusual knife. This knife was made of light and at the same time hard metal.

Hunters forged knives from UFOs?

Oleynikov showed his find to the famous aircraft designer A. Tupolev. At that time, the country needed new solutions in the field of aviation. The new lightweight and durable metal could give a head start to the Soviet aircraft industry. The metal from which the knife was made (as the story goes) could not be determined. The information about the find was classified.

Perhaps this metal was collected by Yakut hunters from the UFO crash site? This knife was not the only find of its kind. In the area of the Ket-Kap ridge, local residents made spearheads and other household items from the same metal.

Researchers interested in the legend have put forward three versions explaining this story.

The first involves the fall of an airship (and not necessarily a Soviet one), which was in the area with a secret mission and a cargo of unknown metal on board.

The second version still considers the possibility of visiting a UFO in this remote area from civilization.


Ket-Kap, Yakutia

The third version more or less clearly explains the appearance of an unusual metal among the Yakuts without any mysticism. Perhaps this metal is of meteoritic origin. It has better qualities in contrast to terrestrial iron, which is exposed to oxygen.

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