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Cigar-shaped UFO. UFO sightings 2021

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Cigar-shaped UFO. UFO sightings 2021

This video was shot today on October 2, 2021, at 4.30 minutes. In the sky towards the east, I found a cigar-shaped glow behind the clouds and immediately began recording video. The glow was stationary, although it seemed a little that it was moving in my direction, these are just sensations. I specifically removed the lower part, not just the sky.

Cigar-shaped UFO. UFO sightings 2021

The nearest lanterns lighten only around themselves. The air temperature was 3 degrees Celsius. I do not presume to say that this is 100% UFO, but the shape of the glow strongly resembles this.

Such a phenomenon as vertical rays of light has a vertical direction. Here we have a horizontally arranged shape that shines despite the movement of clouds, so it is not the result of a lumen, the Moon, for example. In addition, this is not visible in the video, but I will make a clarification. The glow has yellow hues, while the moon is silvery-white. The backlight stopped shooting because nothing was happening.

Then the cigar-shaped beam of light suddenly disappeared, but I was no longer shooting.

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