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There are exclusive secret documents from the CIA, NSA, KGB, and other organizations. In addition, there will be posted secret photos of aliens and UFOs, as well as other documents of special services. There are photographs of rare artifacts from private collections that are inaccessible to ordinary viewers. 

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UFO mothership aircraft. UFO sighting

UFO mothership aircraft. UFO sighting 2020 December, 10 at 5.00 AM, Russia

This video was almost never edited. I tried to show it to you as soon as possible. a huge ship appeared on the territory of Russia

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Tr3b recorded on camera by me. Triangular UFO sighting

Triangular UFO sighting. UFO caught on camera 2020

This video was recorded by me when I was on an expedition in the anomalous zone. Initially, I did not understand what kind of UFO it was, although I understood that it was not a human-made ship.

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Secret documents  - declassified

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Nefelims - giants of the past. Guns of giants

Giant's guns of the past centuries

This video is indirect proof of the existence of giants, according to the author. In the video, you can see Museum exhibits and samples of giant weapons with explanations. Everything is done exclusively for educational purposes.

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Sensation! Secret KGB Orion-Romb Project

disclosed documents

A Soviet project similar to the German system of Ahnenerbe institutes for the study of ancient alien and terrestrial civilizations actually existed.

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Random UFO or conspiracy article

The Vatican about aliens and UFOs

The Vatican about aliens and UFOsVarious senior Vatican officials have hinted that the Roman Catholic Church is preparing to disclose information about aliens and UFOs to the public for several months.

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