The Betz family sphere. A mysterious sphere

The Betz family sphere. A mysterious sphere

One of the most mysterious objects of the twentieth century is the so-called Betz sphere, which received its name from the name of the American family that discovered the mysterious ball.

History of the discovery

At the end of March 1974, a serious fire broke out in the Florida woods near Jacksonville. The prerequisites for the occurrence of the fire were not established, and the reasons for the extinction of the fire are unclear: the local authorities did not have time to take special measures. It seemed that the fire, which had destroyed almost 90 acres of forest, had subsided as if by itself.

On March 26, the Betz family went to assess the damage caused to them: their land lay in the fire zone. Studying the charred remains of trees, people came across a relatively small ball made of metal. Its diameter, as it was established later, reached 20 centimeters with a little. And the find weighed almost 10 kilograms. The sphere was solid, with no cleavage seams. No dents were found on the ball, which seemed to be formed during the fall (and the sphere seemed to have nowhere else to come from). The only thing that could be considered a defect was a tiny, 3 mm-long triangle pressed in.

The Betz couple with the Mysterious Sphere

The family was surprised by the fact that the balloon was completely uninjured in the fire, although it was in the very epicenter of it. The head of the family, Antoine, his wife, Gerry, and Terry's son, Matthew, had a little argument about the origin of the sphere. At first, they thought it was some kind of device belonging to NASA, then they assumed that they had found a spy satellite of the USSR, but as a result, they came to the conclusion that they just got a strange souvenir, and took it home. Where the sphere lay for a couple of weeks, forgotten by all the family members.

The ball wakes up

The artifact was once again recalled when the student son decided to play the guitar to entertain his girlfriend. Terry told me that the field was published pulsating sounds that resembled the hum of a tuning fork. His father compared the sound of the sphere to the playing of a ukulele, although he admitted that the sound was still very different from it. At the same time, there was probably a resonance that could not be detected by the human ear. In any case, the poodle belonging to the Betts, next to the ball, began to whine, hide his head in his paws, and make attempts to run away.

Furthermore. The family members found out that the ball can move without external influence. If he was pushed, at first he behaved in accordance with the laws of physics. But then he could abruptly change direction or stop, and then continue on, or even start rolling in the opposite direction. Moreover, the sphere never encountered obstacles – either it slowed down in time, or it bypassed them along a polyline trajectory.

Betz spheres mysterious

Interested Betts began to experiment with their find. They found that the final point of its movement was always the starting position. The record of the ball's motor activity was a 12-minute "run " around the room. And finally, the researchers were struck by the behavior of the sphere laid on the table: when it was tilted, the ball began to roll up the plane, so as not to fall. It seemed that he wanted to go down from the platform, but at the same time categorically "does not want" to do it in the fall.

Soon another oddity became clear – the weather dependence of the sphere. In clear and calm weather, it moved more and faster than in rainy weather. And from a shaded corner, it rolled into a sunny one. At the same time, the balloon did not react to artificial heat and lighting. Intrigued, the family decided to tell the world about the sphere in order to attract the attention of scientists, whose powers and competence would be to unravel the secrets of the artifact.

Research and new questions

First, the Betts contacted the editors of the local edition of the Jacksonville Journal. Lon Enger, a reporter, and the photographer sent by her saw with his own eyes the "tricks" performed by the sphere and wrote an article that became a real sensation. The New York Times and London's The Daily Telegraph sent their journalists for information. Military personnel and scientists of all stripes began to flock to Florida.

At first, the Betans refused to give the ball up for study; some researchers spent days in the house, trying to uncover the secrets of the artifact on the spot. But soon the Floridians changed their position. The fact is that mysterious phenomena have become more frequent and more diverse in the house. From nowhere, at any time of the day, came a music that vaguely resembled an organ, doors, and windows spontaneously opened and slammed shut. So the sphere went on a trip to the laboratories.

Scientists managed to find out quite a lot of facts. First, they found that the metal from which the sphere is made is similar to our "stainless steel". And at the same time, the ratio of components in the alloy does not correspond to any sample of steel on Earth. Secondly, the artifact was still a sphere, not a ball, because it was hollow inside. The thickness of the walls in different places was not the same, and the difference was up to 5 mm.

Betz spheres mysterious

Third, the "Betz sphere" was not a single object: thanks to radiography, it was found that there were two more balls in the cavity, firmly fixed in some way on the inner surface of the shell. The fixation turned out to be reliable: when the sphere was shaken, the objects did not move by a millimeter and did not make any sounds.

Fourth, the ball did not emit radiation. But at the same time, according to the calculations of Professor James Harder from the University of Berkeley, the inner filling of the sphere consists of heavy elements that are not present in the periodic table. On our planet, in natural conditions, the most "weighty" is uranium (atomic weight 92), artificially, humanity is able to" weigh down "elements to a mass of 118. And the" Betz sphere " hides something that would stand in the table at number 140 and would have the same atomic weight.

It was concluded that the experts are dealing with something more complex than an ordinary metal sphere. Its spontaneous movement, the vibration that arose as a result of the acoustic impact, and the response sound – all these scientists could not explain. A proposal was made to cut the ball, but the Betts did not agree to the "autopsy" and requested their find back. Since they were the official owners of the sphere, the item was reluctantly given to the family.

Theories and assumptions

After conducting all the available research, scientists began to put forward hypotheses about the origin of the sphere. They were instantly joined by outsiders.

So, a certain Lottie Robinson in an interview with The Palm Beach Post told in detail that the sphere had been lying in his garage for a decade and a half. He identified it from the published photos; how the balloon ended up hundreds of kilometers away in the burning forest, Robinson could not explain.

The technicians who worked at the paper mill recognized the sphere as the ball valve that was mounted on the largest pipe. This type of equipment was replaced 15 years ago. However, the version was immediately rejected, since the dimensions of the "Betz sphere" and the ball valve did not match.

A number of scientists were inclined to believe that the mysterious ball is nothing more than a fuel tank like those used on aircraft. When discharged, these tanks most often burn up during the passage of the atmosphere, but in some cases, the tanks still fell to the surface.

Betz spheres mysterious

This idea had to be abandoned almost immediately: it was contradicted by a whole bunch of facts. First of all, the sphere is much smaller and several times heavier than the tanks that were installed on spacecraft at that time. In addition, the single triangular recess is too small to function as a valve. The sphere retained an excessively smooth outline for an object that had collided with the ground at a considerable speed. And, finally, at the place where the Betans found the artifact, no crater was found from the fall of the "cistern".

Brenda Sullivan, a scientist at the Arlington Geographical Society, expressed her firm belief that the artifact found by the Betans is evidence of a highly developed civilization that existed on our planet long before the birth of mankind.

Another researcher from the United States, Jay Brennan, believed that the sphere was a probe launched to Earth by alien "guests". His task, according to Brennan, is to observe the evolutionary processes on the planet. However, other ufologists put forward a hypothesis that the ball still served as a fuel tank, but not on a human vehicle, but on an alien spaceship. The sphere may be a broken part, because of which the UFO had to crash-land. Because of this, supposedly, there was a fire in Florida; the aliens themselves put it out. And the part was thrown out as unnecessary (or lost).

Perhaps this sphere "accidentally fell out" or was "reset" due to a "breakdown", or something else....? but with this ship Playdance who attended the channel.

The intensity of the study dropped to almost zero in June 1977, when the International UFO Congress in Chicago suggested the danger of the object. They say that an attempt to open the ball can start a chain reaction that will give the results of an atomic bomb explosion. Or the aliens who left the sphere are watching the device; if they seriously perceive the threat of revealing the secret, they can interfere with the course of events with unpredictable consequences.

Where did the Betts go, and where did the sphere itself go...?

It was decided to postpone the radical methods of studying the "Betz sphere", limiting it to soft methods. The family that found the artifact went home with it. And it disappeared without a trace: when the next group of scientists arrived in Florida, the house was empty. Where the Betts went, it was not possible to establish, although the family was searched for a long time and diligently.

A huge number of versions about their disappearance were put forward: they were hidden or killed by special services (keepers of secret knowledge, freemasons, representatives of a civilization that exists parallel to the human one); they were taken by aliens who returned for the abandoned device; they went into hiding themselves, fearing the disclosure of fraud organized for mercantile purposes… Where the mysterious artifact is now, what it is and what it was created for, has remained a mystery.

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