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A real photo of an alien

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Do they say this photo was taken by an alien?

Ufologist Howard McDonald has been collecting unusual photos from all over the world for many years. Most of all, he was interested in extraterrestrial civilizations and UFOs. As MacDonald himself says, photography is a generally accepted form of evidence that is trusted more than others. And in his collection, there are several photos that cause a lot of controversies.

One of them is an amazing photo that was allegedly taken by an alien.

It also shows an alien named Rama. He was seen by Joao Valeriu da Silva, who is from Brazil, and he claims that in 1981 he was abducted by an alien named Rama, and this photo was taken by him. Yes, yes, Rama took a picture of himself.

 Alien real photo

MacDonald personally communicated with da Silva and received this photo in his collection. According to the Brazilian, Rama repeatedly abducted him and his eldest son. Da Silva was supposedly even on the alien planet from which Rama came.

Even Wendell Stevens, a former US Air Force pilot who is one of the world's most famous ufologists, wrote about this photo and Joao's adventures in space.

At the same time, McDonald refuses to comment on the validity of this picture. It is possible that da Silva took a photo of someone himself, hoping to pass this picture off as an alien.

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