Reptiloids in India - naga race

Naga - the trail of reptilians in India

I welcome fans of creative theories. Today we will talk about reptilians. Why they are credited with an extraterrestrial origin? Can they not be descendants of an ancient race that existed on our earth long before the appearance of mankind?

Many Indian temples are decorated with images of half-snakes and half-people. This can't help but attract attention.

Naga alien race

Legends say that the Naga race originated from the marriage of the sage Kashyapa and his wife Kadru. The Nagas were very wise, and they chose dungeons as their abode. The half-snakes possessed untold treasures.

In the Mahabharata, there is a myth that the Nagas received immortality. There is a story that the Buddha communicated with the feet. The Naga Queen sheltered him from the rain during long meditation.

Indian Brahmins call the Nagas their teachers. In ancient myths, it is said that the Brahmins, coming to the territory of Hindustan, met "a tribe of wise people, demigods, half-demons." And only the wisest of the people were honored with communication with representatives of this race.

Naga race india

According to legend, Nagas are able to take human form, only a vertical pupil can give them away. Therefore, they are quite well integrated into human society. Previously, this did not bother anyone: representatives of the reigning dynasties of India were happy to marry Naga's woman (Nagini), who took the form of beautiful green-eyed women and were distinguished by great wisdom.

By the way, not only the Indians have legends about beautiful legs that guard untold treasures. Let's remember the Slavic myths and the mistress of the Copper mountain or the Prince-Poloz. Or our Slavic belief that on the holiday of Movement, in the autumn before the onset of cold weather, you can not go to the forest, as the snakes on this day gather together and crawl underground to winter. And the one who sees them will not be happy. If a girl becomes a witness to the snake festival, then the Prince-Poloz will take her as his wife and take her with him to the dungeon.

The very word "nag" in many peoples, including Siberia, the Far East, North, and South America means "serpent", "wise", "teacher". This also makes sense. It is possible that the Nagas settled throughout Asia up to the waters of the Arctic ocean, when the climate was different, on the territory of America (American Indians also greatly revered snakes, on the pyramids there are also images of snake-people). There are traces of Naga worship, for example, in the Altai.

Naga aliens

But with the change of climate, the Nagas began to live to the South. in India, there are especially many toponyms with the root "nag". The country of the Nagas is called Nagadvipa. There are also legends about the huge underground city of the Nagas, which still exists today.

Naga extraterestrials

Maybe a member of this race still lives among us, taking human form. However, some features still give them away. And maybe the fact that they're among us isn't so bad. The Nagas are wise and just. Do they come to our world to set humanity on the right path?

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