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Triangular UFO Sightings in Russia 2020

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Real UFO in Russia. Triangular UFO

The UFO video was captured by our team on October 4, 2020, at 5: 34 am. The object was moving from south to north. Initially, its speed was akin to that of a satellite. However, we have made the necessary checks. No satellites or aircraft appeared in the specified area during the specified period. The coordinates of the inspection site are as follows: 52.311167018388986, 41.15911348764872.

UFO sightings 2020

The object's speed began to increase, which is also unusual for satellites. You can observe the passage of a UFO relative to the stars. at the very beginning of the video, Venus acts as a reference point. The shooting angle varied from 45 to 70 degrees of tilt.

Venus before UFO appeared

We observed such unidentified objects at different times, and after magnification, we were able to determine the shape. These are triangular UFOs. The characteristic features of this type of UFO in relation to the area in which the survey was carried out, it is worth noting the high-speed characteristics. Their appearance has always been associated with our activities to launch a light beam in emergency mode on small objects in the sky.

Tringular UFO Russia

As a rule, the time of appearance of a triangular UFO after such a procedure was about 2 minutes. Well, that's all for today, we hope our modest report will help you in studying the UFO phenomenon

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