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UFO flew up to the Russian cosmonauts during the exit for work outside the ISS

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UFO flew up to the Russian cosmonauts during the exit for work outside the ISS

During the official broadcast of the spacewalk to the ISS in 2022, a UFO was discovered. 

UFO close to ISS

MCC: Are you observing the object?
Oleg Artemyev: What am I observing?
MCC: An object in the solar battery area, do you observe any?
Oleg Artemyev: Once again, what am I not observing? I won't understand the word you're saying.
MCC: Over the far end of the solar battery, there we observe an object through a TV camera. We wanted to ask you to see what it is?
Oleg Artemyev: A certain object at the end of the solar battery, is it this square, or is it an antenna?
MCC: No... Oleg is a free adult. A free-flying object.
Oleg Artemyev: I don't see.
MCC: Oleg, let's not waste time.
Oleg Artemyev: I don't see it.

Oleg Artemiev

Oleg Artemyev

During this dialogue of the Control Center with the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, the UFO was directly behind the cosmonaut.

UFO sightings

It is especially worth noting that in the official broadcast of Roscosmos, the camera that was aimed at the UFO was placed in the upper corner of the screen and it is very difficult to see the object there. In addition, Roscosmos cut the video from this camera.

UFO sightings

I found a broadcast that was conducted (duplicated) NASA and there the camera aimed at the object is deployed to the full screen and moreover, nothing is cropped and it is clear that the MCC controls the camera by directing it behind the UFO.

UFO sightings

I made a video cut from the broadcasts of Roscosmos and NASA, added an increase on UFOs. This is a very unusual object. UFO is constantly transforming changing its shape. Sometimes it takes geometric shapes, and sometimes even some humanoid figures. Moreover, periodically on its surface it forms a round spherical protrusion from which flashes of light occur.

UFO sightingsUFO sightings

I assume that this encounter with UFOs, which occurred during the cosmonauts' exit on September 2, is directly related to the increase in the number of UFOs in Earth orbit, which was also recorded by the ISS cameras at the end of August.

UFO sightings

UFO sightings

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