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The UFO abduction case - abduction to a deep-sea alien base

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The case of UFO abduction to a deep-sea alien base

UFO sightings underwater are not uncommon. We have repeatedly raised this issue on our website, you can see it here

Underwater UFOs exist, and there is a huge amount of evidence for that. In the piggy bank of cases of abduction to an underwater base, we will add one more.

In 1982, the book "UFO ABDUCTION FROM UNDERSEA" was published. Virgilio Sanchez-Osejo and Lieutenant Colonel Wendell Stevens (1923-2010), one of the most famous UFO researchers who worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base during his military career and specialized in the phenomenon of UFO abductions.

This book describes the world-famous case of the abduction of Filiberto Cardenas, who was abducted by three humanoid creatures near Miami, Florida, on January 3, 1979.

On the evening of January 3, 1979, Cardenas, his friend Fernando Marti, Marti's wife and his thirteen-year-old daughter drove by car to the outskirts of Hialeah. They wanted roast pork, and they were looking for where to buy a piglet. Having not found anything suitable, the company was returning home, and on the way the car engine suddenly stalled.

According to both men, when the headlights suddenly went out and the starter refused to work, they got out of the car and opened the engine hood.

And then they suddenly saw that the engine was lit up with red and purple reflections, alternating alternately, and they heard a sound, as if many bees were buzzing at the same time. The car shook, and the light turned blindingly white.

Fernando, in fear, crawled under the hood in search of shelter. Meanwhile, Filiberto felt that he was paralyzed, and an unknown force was lifting him into the air, and he heard his cry: "Don't touch me. Don't touch me!".

Fernando saw his comrade flying up, and by the time he himself got out from under the hood, he was no longer visible. The only thing Fernando managed to notice was a clumsy, heavy object that rose up and flew away.

The next thing Filiberto remembers is how he was almost knocked down by some car on the Tamiami Trail, sixteen kilometers from the place where he was lifted into the air. The police were extremely puzzled by this story, and they put it on the list of incidents in the official report as a close contact of the third degree.

Filberto Cardenas

They were very similar to humans, and in front of his family, they dragged him aboard their ship with a beam of light. The alien kidnappers were dressed in tight suits with a chest emblem familiar in ufology — a large cross with a snake. He was transported on a small disk-shaped object to a hidden underwater base in the ocean.

A hole opened in the rock under the water, and the ship plunged through the tunnel into a huge cave. The three aliens on board looked like humans, were of medium height and wore spacesuits covering the entire body.

They spoke to Filiberto Cardenas in Spanish, and told him mostly about the coming wars and disasters on the surface of the earth. During another abduction, he was taught the principle of universal love. During the first UFO abduction, due to the incredible speed of the flying disk of aliens, everything was blurred under the water, this changed only when the device finally slowed down and passed through the described tunnel.

Aliens abduction

The walls of the tunnel lit up as if with phosphorescence. The ship finally arrived at a completely dry place, located in a huge artificial cave, which also had this alien symbol.

Filiberto Cardenas was taken out of the ship, and then led along a corridor leading to a large underground city! He was paralyzed in a small room and was examined by several people, something was implanted in his ear, there were other people from the surface of the earth who worked with aliens.

Then he was taken to a large room where there was something like a throne, on which sat a tall male figure in a hood - no doubt the leader of the colony, this creature also spoke fluent Spanish with Cardenas and at the same time telepathically transmitted certain thoughts to Cardenas.

There were various consoles and monitors in this place, which were probably used to monitor certain areas of the planet Earth. This was followed by a tour of the underground alien city on our planet.

Before returning, he was taken to another large room, where a disc-shaped UFO, similar to a large rocket, was installed in an upright position. He went inside, where the other creatures told him to sit down, and then the ship was ready to launch. After a short flight, the UFO hatch opened, and Cardenas landed in Miami again.

A subsequent medical examination revealed that there were a total of 108 small punctures on his body. A few days after the abduction, he suffered from sweating, memory loss and strange spatio-temporal changes.

The event and its stories were thoroughly investigated, and a number of engineers, doctors, psychologists, neurologists and professional hypnotists subsequently became convinced that this UFO contact and abduction described by Cardenas were genuine.

In 1985, Filiberto Cardenas was again abducted to this alien underwater base. And there he received certain messages that he remembered after a session of regressive hypnosis.

For example, about the fate of the Catholic Church, which will one day be left without its head, the Pope, because two Popes will die one after the other. After that, Cardenas was shown on video screens mounted on the walls in a UFO ship, scenes of large cities destroyed and drowning in the sea in Mexico and California, as well as the spread of serious diseases in the United States.

Alien abduction

At one time, a number of Spanish TV channels reported on these sensational events, which were watched by millions of viewers. UFO researchers, such as US Lieutenant Colonel Wendell Stevens, have since believed that there are UFO bases under water controlled by a race of ultra-terrestrial beings, and that they kidnap many people who subsequently do not remember what they experienced.

These abductees are apparently shown scenes from the near future of human civilization with severe changes and the destruction of the Earth, regularly having something to do with the church, faith, spirituality, as well as the coming apocalypse.

As Filiberto Cardenas describes, the abducted were not only subjected to medical examination, but also high-class transmitters were implanted in the heads of selected people.

What is the purpose of the visitors? Why do they hide at the bottom of the oceans and make their ships invisible to us? Do they want to be disturbed in their great human experiment, or are they waiting for a certain time to make open contact?

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