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Types of aliens:classification and photos

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Different types of aliens: classification and photos

There are different types of aliens, in this article, we tried to classify all the species in one place. From Greys to Reptiloids. Knowing what aliens look like can be useful to you at any time. After all, meeting with aliens does not always Bode well. The material will be interesting to everyone.


These amazing humanoids resemble insects in their appearance. Insectoids are a specific, extremely rare race of extraterrestrials. They are characterized by large and convex faceted eyes. The limbs of these aliens have a bizarre shape. They are sharp, like claws or tentacles.


Insectoids have incredible features that allow them to perform space flights at high speeds. Aliens of this type can withstand very high accelerations (up to 40 g). Under gravitational overloads, they can easily tolerate enormous stresses. Even K. E. Tsiolkovsky defined the characteristic properties of insects. He personally studied cockroaches, conducted tests on them.

This scientist was one of the first to determine that insects can tolerate huge accelerations and large changes in gravity much better than mammals and animals. It is not only when the spacecraft is decelerating or flying fast that intense tension occurs. And in the case of a sharp change in the direction of the ship, an unthinkable load is noted. Only an alien ship can stop abruptly at full speed and, frozen for a moment, instantly change its course by 90°.

Three-toed giants

These aliens were most often seen in Lower Saxony (Germany). The distinctive features of this race are as follows: large growth (from two to three meters); large glowing eyes that resemble car headlights, as well as a huge head; blurred external features, ears, and nose do not stand out; representatives of this race have a special skin, which has a light blue hue; humanoid limbs are very impressive: ungainly longhand, larger than the size head, only three fingers. Ufologists have established that representatives of this race are male. It has also been observed that these giant Cyclops never appear alone. A whole retinue of midgets (of course, also of cosmic origin) will certainly accompany them.

Three-toed giants


Reptiloids are very interesting extraterrestrial creatures. This type of alien is so named because their skin is scaly. Also, reptilians are cold-blooded, like amphibians. They have a bumpy torso, and long claws have been seen on the limbs of these aliens. Yellow and green tints that glow, their eyes are frightening. In the area of the mouth and nose, they have a blunt process resembling a trunk, which gives these dragon-like creatures an almost human appearance. some claim that reptoids are characterized by a tendency to aggression, as well as to sexual violence against members of the human race. Contactees even liken these aliens to Satan and His army.


It is believed that aliens of this type are representatives of the dark forces of the Universe, belonging to the demonic sphere. According to some reports, any mention of the name of Christ causes a negative reaction in reptilians. There is even an assumption that a representative of this race is the prototype of the biblical serpent that tempted Adam and Eve in ancient times. Some believe that reptoids have very powerful energy, but they are extremely kind and sensitive creatures. However, the more common view is that they are hostile to humanity.

Some argue that reptiloids are characterized by a tendency to aggression, as well as to sexual violence against members of the human race. Contactees even liken these aliens to Satan and His army. It is believed that aliens of this type are representatives of the dark forces of the Universe, belonging to the demonic sphere. According to some reports, any mention of the name of Christ causes a negative reaction in reptilians. There is even an assumption that a representative of this race is the prototype of the biblical serpent that tempted Adam and Eve in ancient times. Some believe that reptoids have very powerful energy, but they are extremely kind and sensitive creatures. However, the more common view is that they are hostile to humanity.


Space dwarfs, unlike reptoids, are peaceful creatures. They mostly accompany other more intimidating humanoids. However, there were also cases of single visits to Earth by space Lilliputians. Let's briefly describe the appearance of this type of alien. The growth of these creatures is about a meter, they have short legs that have hooves. The forelimbs of dwarfs are long and have three fingers. The hands of space Lilliputians are very thin. They dangle and hang down to the ground. However, this does not prevent dwarfs from moving quickly, as well as running away from the pursuit of curious people. So, the appearance of space Lilliputians is quite funny. As for the character, they have a friendly one. Dwarfs usually wear silver spacesuits. A thin film that covers the nose, mouth, and ears, like a mask, is present on their face. It seems that dwarfs hide their appearance from us, leaving only their eyes open.

Dwarfs aliens

Perhaps some people saw not space aliens, but the inhabitants of the Earth in carnival masks and costumes? This question should be answered in the negative. After all, people who have such features of appearance, such as specific anatomical data, simply do not exist on our planet. And why would there be a carnival parade in Lower Saxony, a rather deserted place?

Synthetic workers race

This alien race has its own specific features. Their representatives are believed to be even capable of telepathy. The growth of these creatures is about 1.1 m. Their minds are compared to those of a swarm of bees. Representatives of this race were seen mainly on Board their spaceships, as well as in underground bases created by these aliens.

Grey humanoids

The growth of gray humanoids is also small. It ranges from 0.9 to 1.2 m. Representatives of this race are nondescript in appearance. They are distinguished by a thin body, their limbs are underdeveloped. The fingers of gray humanoids are very thin, with sticky suckers or sharp claws at the tips. The classic image of representatives of this race is as follows: a huge head (no hair), gray skin, blurred facial features, a slightly convex nose, and a poorly defined lip line.

Evidence of gray aliens was obtained mainly from the inhabitants of America. In July 1947, in the state of New Mexico (Roswell), the famous crash of an alien ship occurred. It was the remains of gray humanoids (pictured above) that were found at the scene of the accident. Scientists conducted an autopsy of the bodies and found that the structure of the internal organs of these aliens is truly amazing. They had no exit holes and digestive system, and instead of blood, there was an unknown substance. The pathologists also did not find the liver and heart – it is possible that these organs were also missing from the humanoids. As for the brain, its neural tissues were significantly different from human ones.


There was no gray matter in it, but the brain was well formed and had a good structure. In the state of Texas, alien shipwrecks were also recorded, on Board of which the bodies of gray aliens were found. In 1947 in the United States, the visits of these creatures were very common. It seemed that this was the country that the aliens had chosen for their research. The US authorities were seriously concerned about the frequent visits of uninvited guests. They seriously considered the possibility of their mass invasion and prepared for it. Fortunately, the invasion never took place.

Among the Greys, there is such an interesting type as the long-nosed gray. The growth of these creatures is about 2.4 m. These aliens have a genetic structure similar to insects. They lack external genitalia. These aliens are very aggressive towards humans. They are considered a group from Orion, whose main goal is supposed to capture humanity and enslave it.

Another type is gray with Zetta Reticuli. Many kidnap victims and witnesses described small robot-like creatures. Others noted that they were short, stocky aliens in dark coveralls. Their faces are wide, and depending on the light they have a dark blue or dark gray hue. They have deep-set, bright eyes, wide mouths, and upturned noses. The other types mentioned by the witnesses don't look human.

The group from Sirius

According to some reports, a group from Sirius, like the Grays, is involved in the kidnapping. The growth of these creatures is about two meters. They have blond hair cut short. Their eyes are blue, having the following feature: vertical pupils, like those of cats. These creatures are supposedly part of a group that came from Orion to take control of our planet.

Humanoids in black clothing

There are also some types of UFOs, extraterrestrials of which can be easily mistaken for people since their appearance is almost identical to that of a human. Humanoids in black clothing, for example, are very similar to us. It would seem that they should not cause horror among eyewitnesses. However, these humanoids are dressed in special black robes, so their appearance is intimidating. Aliens belonging to this race have been found in almost all regions of our planet. Most often, eyewitnesses watched them get out of their ship, which was falling to the ground in front of everyone. People from different countries reported that members of this race appeared in groups to repair the ship.

Black aliens

There have been cases of black aliens making contact with us. However, the tone of their communication, as noted by eyewitnesses, was demanding and defiant. They had a fairly good command of speech, and the manner of conversation of these humanoids resembled slang typical of the criminal environment. The aliens always wore black suits and black headbands.

Eyewitnesses during communication with them experienced fear, because these creatures threatened them, and also demanded not to tell anyone about their visit. The aliens in the conversation were interested in the profession and life of their interlocutors. Various small household items were very interesting to them, which surprised the witnesses. Some even considered that these aliens are recluses who have long lived in isolation from civilization.

Nordic aliens (Pleiadines)

Representatives of this race are very similar to humans. Their appearance has features that are inherent in the Nordic race: tall; blond hair; Nordic aliens usually avoid people, but according to eyewitnesses, they have a friendly and peaceful character. These newcomers were mostly men, but there were also women who had amazing beauty. American T. the Bathroom provided information about one such alien named Aura. He said that at night he met her in deserted places. The alien flew on a spaceship that landed in 1952. Aura bowed the Bathroom base on our planet, "the Sanctuary of thought." The goal of this community was to be peace on Earth. The types of extraterrestrials that visited Earth are numerous. We only talked about the main races. Do aliens scare you? Let's try to find out if they are dangerous.

Nordic aliens

Are aliens dangerous?

After describing various types of aliens, photos of which, unfortunately, a little, we can conclude that among them there are both peaceful and hostile. Therefore, it is impossible to say unequivocally that the aliens are good or bad. Alien species that are hostile to humanity (reptoids, long-nosed gray humanoids, groups from Sirius, etc.) threaten us with reprisals. They predict future catastrophes on our planet. On the contrary, peaceful alien species speak of calm and kindness.

There are also such aliens who are aimed at creating colonies on Earth. According to a fairly common version, aliens with the help of earthlings want to change and improve their gene pool. To this end, the aliens secretly kidnap members of the human race and conduct tests on them. So there are hybrids that are created by aliens. The species, races, and varieties of hybrids are probably numerous. At least, their descriptions differ significantly.


Almost all types of extraterrestrials on Earth are characterized by an increased interest in the features of human biology. However, not all of them are kidnappers. What types of aliens take people to their ships for research? Many victims claim that they are gray. Victims of kidnappings or just observers often talk about how certain types of extraterrestrials conducted medical experiments on human reproductive organs. Some say that they were forced to engage in sexual relations with aliens. Others were shown newborns or embryos that appeared as a result of contact between aliens and humans.

What are the intentions of different types of aliens? Why do they create hybrids? Some believe that they want to get a "superior race" by combining the best qualities of an alien and a human. Space visitors want to prevent their disappearance or save people. It is also possible that friendly alien species intend to relocate groups of people to distant planets. The fact is that human society, as they believe, is going to self-destruction. Now you know what types of aliens exist. Photos and images of aliens will help you correctly classify them when you meet them. And it should not be excluded - you need to be prepared for anything.

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