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Main alien spaceport

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Main alien spaceport

According to supporters of the Paleovisite, in ancient times, our planet was actively visited by aliens from outer space. They taught earthlings how to cultivate the land and a number of crafts, gave them knowledge of medicine and the structure of the solar system. After leaving Earth, the aliens left behind not only a long memory, which became the basis of a number of ancient myths and legends, but also quite material traces, such as their spaceports...

nazca alien spaceport

With the light hand of researcher Erich Anton Paul von Däniken, the famous Nazca desert on the southern coast of Peru was "designated" as the main ancient alien spaceport on our planet: "near the modern provincial town of Nazca, aliens from other worlds once landed On the desert plain and built a temporary spaceport for their ships, consisting of two paths. The ships carried out patrols in the vicinity of Earth. When the astronauts completed their mission, they left for their planet."

According to Däniken the local tribes waited a long time for the return of the "gods", but they still did not appear. Then they decided to attract them and began to conduct new straight lanes in the desert. When this did not bring results, the Indians depicted giant insects and animals on the earth's surface. This is how, according to Daniken, Nazca got its famous lines and figures. Of course, such arguments are not taken seriously by archaeologists, historians, or even many ufologists.

The fact is that the alien ships, which had reached the stage of space flight in their development, had to have the ability to strictly vertical landing and take-off, and therefore they did not need runways. In addition, the desert soil becomes quite vicious after the rains, and multi-ton starships would simply get bogged down in it. However, it is possible that planes of Hyperboreans or Atlanteans landed in the Nazca Desert, or maybe Vimanas of ancient Indians.

There is a hypothesis by Jim Woodman and Julian Knott, according to which the Nazca Indians were able to take to the air themselves, for the first time in the world building primitive balloons from a thin dense fabric and filling them with warm air.


The famous researcher Maria Reiche, who devoted more than 40 years of her life to the study of Nazca, believed that the drawings of the desert are a giant ancient calendar. In her book, she wrote: "For ancient peoples, the positions of the Sun and moon served as a calendar, which determined the arrival of spring and autumn, seasonal fluctuations in the water regime, and therefore the timing of sowing and harvesting." Reich was able to establish the astronomical significance of many lines and even images of the Nazca desert.


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