Aliens from planet Ummo: contacts with earthlings and life among people

Aliens from planet Ummo: contacts with earthlings and life among people

In the mid-70s of the last century, Europe started talking about the introduction of alien inhabitants to Earth. Refugees from the USSR even claimed that the state security Committee of the country even managed to identify and detain such a guest.

Ummit's letters and documents remain a mystery to this day, and scientists have not been able to refute or confirm their authenticity

UMMO planet letters

The planet Ummo and its agents on Earth

The story of a mysterious planet whose inhabitants managed to secretly settle on Earth in order to study humanity and their habits began with a banal spiritualistic session. Spanish students decided to spend a mystical evening off from school communicating with their dead relatives.

And if at first they "communicated" with the souls of their ancestors, then soon they decided to get in touch with an alien mind. According to one of the participants of the spiritual circle, Fernando Sesma, they used the Ouija Board to contact the inhabitants of the planet Ummo, who had an external resemblance to earthlings.

They said that 6 ummites who last landed in France in the second half of the 50s settled among ordinary people. They adopted the customs, customs, and behavior of earthlings, studied the local flora and fauna. The contact that was scheduled with the grounders, it was decided to postpone for a more thorough introduction of aliens.

Sesma even issued a pamphlet devoted to spiritualistic conversations with representatives of The Ummo civilization, which sold a huge circulation.

Flying saucer ummo

The first data on the residents of Ummo

One day in the apartment of a student there was a call from an unknown person who introduced himself omitted. He stated that these books have some inaccuracies and ordered them to be corrected.  Sesma took this call as a hoax, but the next day he received documents in the mail describing the planet Ummo and its inhabitants. Each leaf contained a sign-an emblem that resembled an imprint with a hieroglyphic symbol.

The documents stated that the planet Ummo orbits a star called Yuma, and indicated the exact coordinates of the planet in space.

The inhabitants of the planet had a similar appearance to people, the difference was only in height, which reached 2 meters. Their social system resembled a socialist society, but all ummits were subject to a single brain and soul, with which they were connected by invisible ties.

The Hamite civilization had no cultural achievements, but their inventions had gone far ahead, leaving the Earthmen several centuries behind. The emails described contacts through a connection that resembles the current Internet and social networks.

Ummits and their correspondence with the grounders

Since then, we have periodically received such messages from different parts of the world. The terrified student even went to the police, but they just made fun of him. After that, other citizens began to contact the police stations, who claimed that they were being contacted by aliens.

Semu was warned that on July 1, 1967, a ummit flying saucer would arrive in Madrid. At the specified time, several dozen people said that they had witnessed a UFO that left behind strange objects with the logo previously indicated on the documents sent to Sesme.

A journalistic investigation showed that residents of other European countries also received such letters. In one of the Spanish cities, people even saw tall people in dark suits who kept to themselves and did not make contact with the locals. The search for tourists and the transport on which they arrived, and did not give results.

Ummo letter

Origin of ummit documents

The resonance that the news about aliens on Earth caused in society has forced scientists to investigate this issue more carefully.  An astrophysicist from France W-P. Petit, while working to establish the authenticity of the ummit letters, believed in the sources described.

Petya was particularly interested in alien research, because, as he himself claimed, his scientific work was based on data transmitted by the Ummo civilization.

But modern astronomers, who have explored outer space in the coordinates indicated by aliens, have not been able to find either a planet similar to Earth or a star around which it rotates.

The invention was attributed to scientists who acted in this way against the Spanish dictator General Franco, trying to attract public attention to life in the country. One of them even in 1992 confessed to falsification, however, the disease did not allow him to accurately tell about the Scam, which lasted for several decades.

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