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Declassified documents and reports - ufo disclosures

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Declassified UFO documents - ufo disclosures

This page contains declassified documents from major security agencies around the world. We study hundreds of disclosed documents (including CIA UFO files) a day and post only the most interesting ones specifically for you.

The study of such documents allows you to more thoroughly analyze the UFO phenomenon, and indirectly confirms the facts that you are interested in. All documents have a description, some of them have a full description, some of them have full content, not in PDF.

Everything is typed manually, so here is only meaningful material, and not the work of OCR programs in automatic mode. Declassified documents are often of poor quality, so only manually and by man can you give a correct assessment, and not by machine.

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Department of the Air Force report. Unexplained lights and measurements of radiation

Date: 2021-01-21

Department of the Air Force report. Unexplained lights

We got our hands on a very unusual report of the air force, the incident occurred on December 27, 1980, and in the following days.

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UFO sightings near a nuclear weapons test site

Date: 2021-01-19

UFO near a nuclear weapons test site

This secret two-page report details sightings on July 15, 1960, of an unidentified flying object UFO near Wewak, a nuclear weapons test site, about 24 km from the village of Maraling in South Australia. The report was published on July 24, 1960, by security officer J. A. Hanlon.

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Frightening rays from the glowing hemisphere from Afghanistan. UFO Sightings Report

Date: 2021-01-16

Frightening rays from the glowing hemisphere from Afghanistan. UFO Sightings Report

This document reveals to us information about an unusual phenomenon that occurred near Afghanistan since August 1980, accompanied by strange rays of light that appeared at night. Initially, it was assumed that the rays occur as a result of the activities of the Red Army and specialized weapons.

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NASA planned to create flying saucers in the Argentina sky. FOIA report

Date: 2021-01-14

NASA planned to create flying saucers in Argentina

Argentina media carrying stories similar to one quoted below, which says NASA engineer of Argentine origin sent to his mother a tape saying that a NASA experiment would create flying saucer shapes in the Argentine sky. Recently, there have been many reports of UFO sightings here. Request that NASA respond to this story

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The CIA has declassified all files about UFOs - CIA UFO black vault

Date: 2021-01-13

CIA UFO black vault

While waiting for the government's official UFO report to be released in less than six months, thanks to the comprehensive COVID-19 Bill, you can now download all of the CIA's publicly available UFO documentation

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Aliens from other solar systems are a potential threat to us! ICUFON report

Date: 2021-01-12

Aliens from other solar systems are a potential threat to us and we are a potential threat to them!

Even if an alien species had achieved true peace within its own ranks, it would be worried about us and would take the measures it felt were necessary to protect itself, this includes the possibility of military action

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"Psychics" in the service of the United States. History of the US military's Stargate project

Date: 2021-01-10

For a modern person who has seen enough movies, the word Stargate is associated with the Stargate franchise by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. Space, aliens, unknown technologies, capturing worlds, instantaneous travel through the hidden paths of the universe, etc. However, we will talk about another Stargate project — a real one that has existed for many years. This does not make it any less fantastic, even by today's standards.

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Flying saucers over BELGIAN Congo uranium mines, 1952

Date: 2021-01-08

Flying saucers over BELGIAN Congo uranium mines, 1952, Report №00-w-23602

In the CIA archive was an article from the Vienna newspaper "Die Presse" for March 29, 1952, translated from German.

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CIA report - unidentified flying object over Norwegian town in 1952

Date: 2021-01-07

CIA report UFO Report №00-w-24549

This report is interesting because of the evidence of UFOs recorded by ordinary workers, after the sensational case of a UFO crash, but in the summer of the same year in Norway.

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Admiral Thomas Wilson leaked UFO documents

Date: 2021-01-02

Admiral Thomas Wilson leaked UFO documents

Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson, leaked documents on UFOs and corporate reverse engineering of alien technology. There are several important findings from Admiral Thomas Wilson's failed attempts to learn and gain access to the secret UFO program. Which included a covert corporate effort to reverse engineer a recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft. As described in a leaked 15-page document obtained by Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron in November 2018 and uploaded to the internet on April 19, 2019.

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