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Concern of the Danish military about the phenomenon of flying saucers. CIA Report

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The concern of the Danish military about the phenomenon of flying saucers. CIA Report

Copenhagen, 12 July - Danish defense authorities take a serious view of the problem of flying saucers. The military experts are of the opinion that although most of the observations [flying saucers] have turned out to be astronomical phenomena, there remain the reports of trained observers which, among other things, would seem to indicate that the saucers are dispatched from Soviet bases in the Arctic Ocean.

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The Danish Air Force Command has recently turned over to the Defense Staff a report on various phenomena in the air over Denmark and the waters adjacent to Denmark. The report is based on observations from Danish Air force radar stations. These observations are compared with information regarding the remote-controlled projectiles which have been traced in the atmosphere over the northernmost part of Norway and Finland.

On the basis of these observations, the - members of the Defense Intelligence Service have come to the conclusion that the projectiles could have been dispatched from a Soviet base on Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean.

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The report discusses the incident in which an officer and seven privates from Karup Airfield on Jutland, on 12 November 1952, sighted an object in the air which resembled an aircraft, but which moved more rapidly than any known type of aircraft. The [Danish] observations are compared with a number of Norwegian Defense Staff and the Norwegian Navy, an aircraft of hitherto unknown design flew over the naval base at Horten at the entrance to Oslofjord. Another incident which is pointed occurred on a maneuver recently in northern Norway, when the crew of an anti-aircraft battery out-side of Bod8 observed a mysterious object at a great height. A jet plane was sent up, but it was able to reach the object, which disappeared at a terrific speed.

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