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The Pentagon admits: the US military has UFO wreckage

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The Pentagon admits: the US military has UFO wreckage

If you were waiting for the so-called disclosure, then consider that it has already happened and I do not know what other evidence is needed that UFOs are real... The US government's admission that it possesses UFO wreckage was recently made in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by a UFO researcher more than three years ago.

FOIA report UFO

In a response letter dated January 8, 2021, the U.S. DIA ended decades of speculation by confirming that the UFO wreckage had indeed been discovered. Now officially referred to as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), rather than UFOs, some of this material was transferred to a private defense contractor for analysis and storage in "specialized facilities".

FOIA report UFO

Incredibly, some of the published information discusses a material that has shape-restoring properties, much like the wreckage of the "self-repairing metal" found in the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

Judging by the documentation received, the discovered wreckage has other unusual abilities. In addition to "remembering" their original shape when bent or deformed under pressure, some of these extraterrestrial materials have the ability to make things invisible, "compress" electromagnetic energy, and even slow down the speed of light and stop light completely.

We can conclude that these technologies represent a literal qualitative leap beyond the properties of all existing materials known to man.

The location of the UFO wreckage, which is being studied by a private contractor, is unknown. A few months ago, they laid off their employees and stopped their activities. Former representatives of the company declined to comment.


The original 2017 FOIA request sent to the DIA requests physical descriptions, properties, and composition of UFO / UAP material held by the government and its contractor.

The request is unambiguous in meaning. It refers to UFO material and "physical debris recovered by Department of Defense personnel in the form of remnants, debris, torn materials, crashed unidentified flying objects."

In its response, DIA agrees that the Pentagon has documents in response to a request for UFO wreckage and analysis, the program under which they were investigated, the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) and that their defense industry contractor (Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, Nevada) stored the debris. They also provide some reports related to possible applications of the material studied.

There were many delays and excuses offered during the years of waiting for a response under the Freedom of Information Act. These include that another agency was involved in the search for records, which needed to be consulted; that the applicant emailed a former FOIA employee, and she quit a few months ago, etc. After the court threatened to accuse the Pentagon of violating the law, the US military department after such a long time, still reacted.

Roswell connection

The information obtained includes several pages of so-called "advanced technology reports" on nitinol, an alloy that restores its original shape. Nitinol has similar properties to the "memory metal" found in the wreckage of a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. The pages found in the FOIA response on nitinol explore its potential for integrating it into the human body to improve health.

More than 40 Roswell witnesses mentioned a metal material that could "remember itself" when deformed or folded, smoothly and instantly returning to its original state. Therefore, it can be assumed that these UFO fragments studied by the US military for the use of their properties in human technology were obtained in Roswell.

All the FOIA documents received to mention the possible use of some materials in "advanced aerospace projects". Desirable material characteristics are mentioned, such as extremely light and strong, such as those of the wreckage found in the Roswell crash.

Extraterrestrial material

Extensive references are also made to the study and application of what the tests called a metamaterial, including some of the properties of this material:

  • Can be used to "slow down the light" and even "stop the light rays completely". (Implying the ability to control the speed of light (electromagnetic energy travels at 186,000 miles per second)
  • May cause invisible by changing the refractive index, reflectivity, and increasing absorption of light. The reports use terms such as "optical isolation" and "transparency", and make  reference to the "MetaMirror" technology.
  • (Implies the ability to make something invisible and/or captured by radar, scanning, or visualization)
  • It has an interesting ability to "compress electromagnetic energy". (Such condensation can reduce the size of the storage of information and energy and speed up their transfer by reducing the volume)
  • It has a certain "tunable resonance", which was probably "determined at the time of manufacture".
  • (The phrase "tunable resonance" refers to a large-amplitude vibration from a small stimulus. Recent research shows the potential in "energy harvesting" or environmental energy generation technologies for low-power electronic devices.)

There seem to be many exciting technical applications of these materials that will change the way we live in the future.

* Metamaterial, a relatively recent word, is considered to be any material that has properties not found in materials of natural origin. Some of these materials appear to consist of assemblies of multiple elements made from composite materials such as metals and plastics. These composite media can be designed to demonstrate unique electromagnetic properties. These metamaterials, consisting of sub-wavelength building blocks (most often based on metals), allow maximum control of light energy and optical fields, allowing for effects such as negative refraction.

Separate parts of the reports are devoted to the new generation of amorphous metals (also called "liquid metal" or "metallic glass"), which are new technical alloys with disordered atomic-scale structure. In the solid-state, the metal is crystalline, which means that it has a highly ordered arrangement of atoms. However, amorphous metals are insanely disordered – the metal-like material is so unique that it is believed that it could one day replace plastic and metal in many applications.

This material is stronger and lighter than any existing metal, can be molded under pressure like plastic (without rivets, seams, or joints, smooth like many famous UFOs), and will never corrode or rust. Imagine using a single razor blade for the rest of your life, because it always remains super-sharp. The golf club is so resilient that it can hit the ball further than a professional has ever done. An artificial hip implant that works better than a real hip.

Robert T. Bigelow

The contract that was awarded to Robert T. Bigelow was awarded under the auspices of an official government UFO investigation (the existence of which was revealed by The New York Times in 2017). The contract was awarded to Bigelow for the construction of "specialized modified facilities" for the storage of test material. The Defense / Pentagon UFO study has been called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). It worked for several years (and under several names) and, according to informed sources, it still works today.

DIA identified 5 documents with a total of 154 pages responding to the request. More than half of the documents have not been published. And such an investigation of extraterrestrial materials should generate thousands of pages relevant to the request, not just 154.

DIA cites Exceptions 3 and 6 of the federal FOIA rules as reasons why they are forced to hide some documents. Exception 3 allows the withholding of information that is prohibited by federal law and leaves no discretion in this matter because of the potential damage to national security.

Exception 6 generally applies to records relating to personal privacy. It includes a test that compares any privacy interests with the public interest in disclosing information.

The second PDF has a few of the 154 pages on the subject. It is in these documents that we get an idea of the materials described earlier in this article. It is here that we learn about metamaterials, invisibility, slowing down the speed of light, compression of electromagnetic energy, the introduction of “liquid metal self-restoring the original form in people and other equally impressive technologies.

Examples of key phrases hinting at the technologies that these materials may one day give us can be found on the pages in the two PDF FOIA responses: "Slow down the light" (pages 18, 27, and 6); "bring the light to a complete stop" (page 17); "compress energy" (page 6); "Nitinol as a biomaterial" (page 19); "advanced light absorbers based on new materials" (page 24); "new optical insulators" (page 6).


The company Bigelow Aerospace, LLC (the same private contractor to which the UFO wreckage was transferred for study) was the brainchild of Robert Bigelow, a billionaire with a strong interest in space, alien and extraterrestrial technologies.

Bigelow has been linked to famous people such as Senator Harry Reid and former rock star Tom Delong. Bigelow has had previous "mystery ventures," such as the nonprofit, now-defunct National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). At one time, he was also associated with the famous "Skinwalker Ranch" in Utah, where paranormal activity was suspected.


Bigelow brought to the fore a unique combination of money and resources, entrepreneurship, and an interest in paranormal research. In 1999, Bigelow founded Bigelow Aerospace, developing manned space systems and inflatable habitats.

Bigelow's facilities operated in the strictest secrecy. According to their still-running website, their home page has a warning for everyone: If you are invited to visit Bigelow Aerospace facilities, keep in mind that you will need a valid driver's license or other type of government ID. Please note that the importation of mobile phones, cameras, flash drives, and laptops into the property is prohibited without the permission of the administration. We can see an aerial view of the Bigelow properties near Las Vegas. Almost all the windows are blocked, and everything is sealed to the extreme. Are these structures what the Pentagon, in its contract with Bigelow, calls "specially modified structures" to house the physical parts of UFOs?

The contract, which Bigelow was awarded under the auspices of the official government UFO investigation (the existence of which was revealed by The New York Times in 2017 and was conducted for several years under various names), was to build "specialized modified rooms" to store the material for testing. The study of UFOs by the Department of Defense and the Pentagon was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). It operated for several years (and under several names, including AAWSA) and, according to informed sources, continues to operate to this day under another name.


Unfortunately, in March last year, Bigelow Aerospace suddenly – and without much fanfare-quietly laid off almost all of its 85 employees. No real cause was given, other than that it was caused by what the company said was a "perfect storm of problems," including the effects of the pandemic.

The concern, of course, is that with mass layoffs and the cessation of active operations, where is the UFO wreckage now? The current location of these extremely valuable UFO materials is unknown. Does this still belong to Bigelow? If so, why, when the company is practically non-existent? Was the UFO material transferred to another guardian company? Was he sent back to the Pentagon? Robert Bigelow himself, now in his 70s, restricts public discussion of his research.

What became known during the FOIA investigation is truly a historic event. UFO materials found. The materials studied may one day bring us great advances in technology and other aspects of our daily lives. But the documents are missing. Why not explain where and by whom the material was taken? Why did they edit the names of the authors of these technical documents?

Because as soon as we get more information, we can ask them questions. Another reason they refuse to reveal their identity and what they have learned is related to national security.

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