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The CIA's Secret UFO Archives: Report for February 23, 1967

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The CIA's Secret UFO Archives: Report for February 23, 1967

Earlier, we talked about the fact that the CIA declassified documents about UFOs that were collected for more than 50 years.  This report will focus on the allocated funds for the study of the UFO phenomenon. This report does not contain information about UFOs, its value lies in the fact that the attempt to study UFOs was conducted from different directions and was funded from different sources. It is quite obvious that the opportunity to get unknown technologies is like trying to find out the secret of the Philosopher's stone.

Report of February 23, 1967 (free spelling option

Dr. Condon's visit to the NPIC [National Center for the Collection of Intelligence, namely images that are analyzed by teams of specialists], February 20, 1967.

1. The US Air Force has signed a $ 300,000 contract with the University of Colorado [for the University to provide specialists to work for the military] to study information related to UFO sightings. The key figures of the meeting were Brigadier General Edward B. Gillers, Dr. Thomas Rachford, a civilian scientist working with the US Air Force, and a senior researcher at the University of Colorado - Dr. E. W. Condon.

2. On February 20, 1967, at 09:15, Dr. Condon and his team visited the NPIC. With Condon were Dr. Richard Towe of the University of Colorado, Dr. David Saunders of the University of Colorado, and Dr. William Price of the AFRST, and Dr. Thomas Rachford, already working with the U.S. Air Force. The purpose of the visit is to introduce Dr. Condon and his team members to the capabilities of NPIC photometric and photographic analysis.

3. The level of the meeting SECRET.

4. Upon arrival at the NPIC, the group was accompanied by Mr. Lundahl [no comment on this last name], who instructed Condon's team for 10-15 minutes, setting the following rules:

a) To prevent the leakage of information that will be obtained in the course of work in the dungeons of the NPIC. No one should know about the scientists ' connection to the CIA. No comment on the NPIC-CIA connection.

b) NPIC employees are not allowed to make public publications, write reports, or refer to the CIA. All information is discussed within the institution.

c) NPIC personnel is required to assist Dr. Condon's team in performing photographic work, such as helping to estimate the size of objects depicted in photographs.

5. After the briefing in Lundahl's office, Condon's team was escorted to the conference room for a briefing on future work.:

a) The principle of discussing some images and explaining the terminology used.

b) Presentation of UFO photo analysis technology. For an in-depth analysis, Condon and his team needed such basic information as, for example, the camera's focal length, camera brand, degree of magnification, etc.

c) Condon's team was shown a microdensitometer [a device for measuring optical densities in small areas of photographic images — spectrograms, radiographs, astronomical photographs, aerial photographs, etc.] for image analysis.

d) Condon's team was shown the data extracted using a microdensitometer.

e) Everyone went to the smoking-room, where they discussed the possibilities of a microdensitometer.

f) Back in the conference room, we began to discuss the availability of modern devices used to analyze images and measure the dimensions of UFOs that appeared in the photos. The demonstration of the following tools began: Point Transfer Device, Mann 880 Comparator, Benson-Lehner Plotter, and NRI.

6. At approximately 12:15, the group was escorted back to Mr. Lundahl's office, where a discussion took place regarding UFO-03 [a code name for a UFO that was actively discussed]. At 12:35, everyone went to lunch.

7. Most of the discussions during the meeting were of an unclassified nature, related to the basics of photogrammetry and photographic analysis. The available data is sufficient to start a full-scale analysis.

CIA report

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