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American Colonel accused the British special forces in the "arrival of a UFO"

American Colonel accused the British special forces of the "arrival of a UFO"

The Rendlesham incident is still considered one of the most famous contacts. US Air Force Colonel Charles Holt told his version of the UFO phenomenon in the UK, which was noticed in December 1980. Then American soldiers stationed at a British base near Rendlesham Forest saw bright lights hovering over the trees. For a long time, no one could explain the origin of the mysterious lights, and the mystery stood on a par with Roswell.

Now Holt confidently states that in this way the British special forces pranksters from the SAS joked about the American servicemen. Allegedly, before the incident, the Americans "captured" a number of paratroopers who landed in the forest nearby.

Lt. Col. Charles Halt

Lt. Col. Charles Halt

The SAS fighters were called "unidentified aliens" and allegedly beaten. In retaliation, the British allegedly put on a whole show, installing lanterns on trees a few weeks later, and using kites with helium balloons. Then a group of American soldiers led by Holt were shocked, and Holt sent a report to the Pentagon about the "UFO encounter".

Pentagon Report

It is important to note that earlier readings were different. In particular, it was said earlier that for many years the witnesses kept their mouths shut, fearing to lose their jobs. Now they are retired, and they send Holt written evidence of what they saw. According to him, the first to notice the UFO operators of radar stations. They recorded that the object was moving at an incredible speed.

The object made a large circle and returned to the place where it was first seen. Three soldiers said they saw unusual lights above the ground in the area of Rendlesham Forest. They thought it was a plane in distress and went looking for it. One of the eyewitnesses wrote to Holt that he saw a strange glowing object of a triangular shape about three meters across, which deftly maneuvered between the trees.

UFO incident report

Holt himself claims that the next morning at the site of the alleged UFO landing in the forest, three depressions were found in the ground and that there was an increased level of radiation.

Thus, we have quite contradictory information. Apart from the letter and the strange testimonies, the evidence is quite small. We tried to find photos of these phenomena, but we did not find reliable information. Believe this case or not? Personal choice of everyone.

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