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The Roswell incident. And again the veil of mystery. Report to the Honorable Steven H. Schiff House of Representatives

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The Roswell incident. And again the veil of mystery. Report to the Honorable Steven H. Schiff House of Representatives

This report can not be called rare, but in turn, and popular among ufologists, it is also not called, not in such obvious places this report is hidden. It deals with a well-known incident in Roswell.

Roswell incident

So, in particular, "Comments from the National Security Council" indicate that. that there were no aircraft crashes during this period.

roswell saucer

And the FBI Teletype Message, on the contrary, confirms the presence of the Hexagonal in Shape object, but refers to the fact that it resembles a meteo-probe.
This report also contains a lot of documents devoted to official responses to requests to government organizations and in all directions, who could give at least some intelligible answer.

Roswell incident

Everyone is concerned, but nothing confirms it. Well, or not quite so, you will definitely find interesting moments if you are careful enough. The report doesn't contain any global conclusions, but it will save you a lot of time if you are interested in official documents on Rosewell. After all, the veil of secrecy still remains. Enjoy!

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