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Light phenomena East of Tashkent

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CIA UFO report OO-W-23602. The weird sphere (UFO) in Uzbekistan. Light phenomena East of Tashkent

This report is dedicated to UFOs that were recorded in Uzbekistan in the south-eastern direction (41°18'N 69°15'E).

UFO sightings. Declassified documents

In particular, 3 light phenomena were observed: a fireball of bright red color, which could have different characteristics, but in general, based on the report, we can conclude that the same phenomenon visited the place. What is important from the point of view of the technical part? For all its fury, the UFO made no sound. A similar object is recorded in the video that will be in this note.

In addition, the document contains a drawing that reveals the trajectory of the movement.

UFO sightings

Equally important, information about these incidents did not come to their media, as in most CIA reports, but as a result of repeated questioning.

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