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Will the real SCOTT JONES please stand up ?

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Will the real SCOTT JONES  please stand up?

The purpose of this monograph is to sing the praises of the Renaissance Man of the Paranormal, Cecil B. Scott Jones Ph.D.

If your field is ufology, you know Scott as a mover shaker, organizer, and confidante of some of the central figures in UFO research. And if you are a parapsychologist you recognize the same face from countless symposia, boards of directors, and the like.

Ufologists and parapsychologists seldom communicate and even more rarely do they attend each other's meetings. So it comes as a shock to each group to learn that Scott has a foot so firmly planted in the “other” arena. His interest in these fields appears to have been triggered by personal experience. Scott describes his UFO sighting, which took place when he was a Navy fighter pilot in the Korean War, thus: "As I rolled into a split-S to descend to low altitude from around 30,000 feet, I saw a silver disc directly overhead" (Advanced Aerial es, Reported During The Korean War, R. F. Haines, LDA Press, Los Altos, CA, 1990, page 54).

He also had a "parapsychological" experience, which he describes in these vague terms: "When I retired from the Navy, as a result of something that happened to me, in the Navy, which was parapsychological in nature, I decided that there would be interest and there might be a commercial application, if what I was calling then applied psychic phenomena was understood and could be used in certain circumstances" (Lecture, Society for Psychical Research, England, November 1990). 


Scott's "clout" in ufology can perhaps be illustrated by a brief summary of his activities at the TREAT IT conference in January 1990 at the Blacksburg, Virginia campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech). For you parapsychologists, TREAT stands
for Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma-And that is crypto for UFO abduction research. About 70 investigators, including many research psychologists, clinicians, MDs, physicists, and assorted intellectuals who take the abduction phenomenon very seriously met for five days to share ideas. This was by invitation only, no publicity desired or allowed.

Monograph of Sctott Jhones

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