The mystery of the "Alien Sculpture"

The mystery of the "Alien Sculpture"

The Bronze Age figurine was accidentally discovered in 2020 by amateur archaeologist Ronald Borgwardt. He found her at the bottom of the Tollensee River in northern Germany.

Alien sculpture

The amateur immediately told professional archaeologists about his find. Experts were amazed not only by the good degree of preservation of the artifact. The very style of making this sculpture surprised them. In addition, Borgvardt also found a bronze ring a few meters away from the bronze statuette. The analysis showed that these artifacts were related to each other - they were probably used together. Archaeologists have suggested that the artifact is an image of a goddess.

The ring of alien

Science knows about a dozen similar figurines that were found earlier on the Baltic Sea coast. Therefore, it is believed that such products may belong to the Scandinavian culture of the Bronze Age. The height of the statuette was about 15 centimeters. It is dated to the seventh century BC. The figure has an unusually flat body and a head of such an oval shape that it has become known as an "alien sculpture".


Fantastic "cosmic associations" are also suggested by a prominent large nose, large eyes, loop arms, and even the fact that the face is depicted as if pressed into the head, creating the impression of a spacesuit.

Sculptures of aliens

Scientists do not like the hype around such artifacts, and in a recent article they "closed the topic" with a new "bold" hypothesis, stating that such figurines may have been used as balancing weights.

"It is known that the smallest figures weigh 26 grams. The weight of the others turned out to be much larger, but measurements showed that it is always almost exactly a multiple of 26 grams. Based on this, scientists have suggested that the figurines were included in a set of everyday tools for measuring weight."

However, the opinions of scientists look somehow unconvincing. Because it doesn't answer the main question. Who is depicted there? Why doesn't he look like a human? There is a version that this is one of the "Sisters of Venus". Matriarchal statuette. Great Mother. by the way, the hands in the sides of the Great Mother are depicted on many Petroglyphs. What kind of creature is this? Who did our ancestors want to show us? We still have to figure it out.

Great Mothet

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