The Alien from Yokrshire. Moor Alien Creature

Photos of an alien from Yorkshire. Moor Alien Creature

alien photo from Yorkshire

This photo made a lot of noise at the time and was considered an image of a real alien. But is it so? Let's try to figure it out.

How was it

December 1, 1987, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Perhaps a photograph of a living alien creature was obtained here. The main and only witness to the UFO and the alien pilot was Philip Spencer, a British police officer.

In the early morning of December of that day, Spencer was taking a walk through the swamps, hoping to take a couple of pictures of strange lights in the desert. He charged the camera with ASA film to get the highest image quality that can be achieved in the worst lighting and fog conditions. The amateur photographer could not imagine what kind of meeting awaited him.

Yorkshire UFO photo

Spencer noticed and photographed a small creature that quickly ran away when he saw a man.

I was choosing good angles for photographing when, through the fog, I saw a strange little creature on the slope of a peat bog

Explains the author of the picture:

The photographer was not afraid of the unknown figure and rushed after the fugitive. Jumping out into the open space, Spencer froze in amazement — he saw a strange flying machine with a dome on top. The UFO instantly rushed into the sky, not giving him time to shoot an entertaining event on camera.

The photo of the creature in the swamps is very blurry, but it is quite obvious that there is some kind of figure there — someone's presence is felt. The creature in the image strongly reminds us of the so-called "Gray" aliens. Spencer waited for a while, hoping that the UFO would return, but it didn't happen. Philip went to the nearest village, intending to develop the film and get photos.

As he approached the village, he realized his wrist compass was pointing south instead of north. Upon reaching the village, the man was even more surprised — his watch was one hour behind.

Skeptical approach

The picture was carefully studied by wildlife experts, concluding that there are no known animals in the image. The improvement of the original photo was made by specialists of the Kodak laboratory, in Hemel Hempstead. There is nothing wrong with the image, there are no traces of installation.

Improved photo

The above photo is not the result of processing by Kodak specialists. This photo is taken from the Internet. With such processing of the photo, with illumination where necessary, with an increase in contrast, an image of an alien appears to our eyes. But is this really the case? UFO-AC Research group has repeatedly noted that the recognition of the authenticity of the photo does not mean that the objects captured in the image are what the author or the majority of the viewers give them out for.

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to analyze the original photo, and what is posted on the Internet is of low enough quality to make a test for digital manipulation. Yes, and it would be superfluous, in the 80s of the twentieth century, computers did not have such power, and there was no need for digital photography yet. If someone wanted to falsify something, then such falsification was being prepared for publication in a newspaper, magazine, or book, less often for television, in the latter case, they generally relied on eyewitness accounts. But, back to our photo with the alien.

In order to understand what could really be happening at that time, it is worth looking at the terrain itself. Fortunately, now there is an opportunity to explore the area without actually going there, using maps. We see a winding path going uphill. It is quite obvious that it is the only route that is used by everyone who happens to be there.

Yorkshire alien coordinated

This is not only the only road but also a fairly popular route through which tourists pass. So what are we dealing with? Another researcher took a photo of himself in the same place on Ilkley Moor so we could make a comparison.

Photo from Moore

Here, with certain manipulations, we could also see an alien, but this is only the result of the blurring of the image from poor lighting, and the free interpretation of our imagination.

In addition, we can assume (we have seen this option from other skeptics) that it was a cyclist. We have made you a mini collage so that you can evaluate this version. This could explain the small height of the alien man being filmed

Aliens on Photo UK

Finally, the latest version is pareidolia. Our imagination often plays a cruel joke with us, if you wish, you can see aliens in your curtains, in the clouds, in the crowns of trees. It's a feature of our brain to look for faces or something similar to our previous experience. In this case, let's try to completely abstract from the alien and find a person. We did it. it turned out to see an elderly man with a receding hairline and a beard. The captions on the photo were made for your convenience:)

Paraledoilia or alien photo?

As for the UFO-related story, there is no faith in it for many reasons. Imagine that you are a photographer who has just managed to photograph an alien. You run after him, and you see a flying saucer. It is obvious that you see her from afar, of course, you will take a picture of her. Well, or at least try, even if it's receding. In our opinion, the UFO story is far-fetched to give significance to the photo. Of course, we admit that the photographer could have been deceived initially, many things can be imagined in the fog. However, if we analyze the facts: BUT not photographed, there are no other witnesses of her arrival, there is no alien in the photo. The case is certainly interesting, but it has nothing to do with aliens. Russian version of the article

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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