Albert Coe and his encounters with a descendant of ancient aliens in 1920

Albert Coe and his encounters with a descendant of ancient aliens in 1920

Aliens live among us. Is this a question for a ufologist? Of course not. Those who are immersed in this topic have long since figured out the existence of a highly developed civilization. But in our modern world, a world that is full of information, we easily find everything that interests us, in the 1950s it was different. The information was not advertised and was hidden by the special services. However, this does not mean that evidence of close contact with aliens has not been leaked to the press and has not been heard. The story of Albert Coe is a vivid confirmation of this. His contact with aliens goes back to the distant 1920s, which adds even more interest because at a time when humanity has not yet mastered space, having knowledge obtained from aliens once again puts in the piggy bank of evidence of the reality of contact. However, let's understand everything in order.

In June 1920, Coe was vacationing with his family. In order to safely ride a canoe with his family, he went alone to explore the route along the banks of the Mattawa River in Ontario, which was to be passed in the future. While exploring another coastal area, Albert Coe suddenly heard a voice calling him for help. Albert looked around, but couldn't find anyone. Then Coe decided to move towards the sound of the voice. After a while, he saw a crevice no more than five feet wide, which was located diagonally relative to the river. There was a blond stranger in it, who was obviously stuck in this crevice. Koi thought that he was badly injured, Albert also noted that the stranger had only one hand free.

Albert Coe and his encounters with a descendant of ancient aliens in 1920

It was not possible to lift the stranger Coe with one hand. However, Albert had equipment that he successfully used, which allowed him to pull the strange traveler up. The stranger, as it turned out, injured his leg, as a result, he could not move. The stranger asked for water from Koi, to which the resourceful Albert scooped up river water with a hat and gave it to drink. Moreover, he bandaged the wounds of his new acquaintance.

While Albert was doing the dressing of the victim, he drew attention to the unusual appearance of his new acquaintance.

He was wearing a odd silver-gray tight-fitting jumper-type clothing... It felt like leather, without a belt or visible fasteners, but there was a small dashboard right under the chest...

In his book The Shocking Truth (1969), Coe wrote:

Albert Coe was curious, and he could not restrain himself in an effort to ask a stranger who he was and what he had forgotten here. The mysterious person replied that she had flown here on her plane to go fishing. Albert really saw all the necessary attributes for fishing, which confirmed the truthfulness of the words of this very unfamiliar stranger. While the conversation was going on, Albert's new acquaintance miraculously recovered and was already able to move around. He expressed his gratitude to Coe and expressed a desire to go to his plane.

However, the man did not fully recover. Coe offered to walk with the victim to the plane, but the stranger initially refused. But in view of the fact that he could not move independently, he nevertheless accepted the offer of help. However, he warned Albert to promise that he would not tell anyone about their meeting, because what he would see in the future might cause Coe shock. Albert agreed, and they got to the plane. The stranger noted that the device was built by his father.

A round silver disk, about twenty feet in diameter, stood on three legs in the form of a tripod, without a propeller, engine, wings or fuselage


The device that Coe saw had no windows, which left him with many questions about how to navigate and control this so-called aircraft. The stranger told him that the ship was currently in the experimental stage of testing and it was very secret, and also that he was allowed to use it sometimes.

The lower part of the apparatus, which was no more than four feet from the ground, was divided into three compartments, which opened when the stranger pressed a button that released a short ladder. Coe helped him to climb the ladder and when he was told that it needed to be done, "pushed" him up and into the car.

The stranger thanked Coe for his help and promised to meet him in the future. Who was ordered to move away from the ship during the ascent, which he did.

At first, he made a low whistling sound, picked up speed, turned into a high-frequency howl, and finally moved beyond earshot. At this time, I experienced a throbbing sensation that was felt rather than heard. It seemed to be squeezing me inside. Having risen a few feet above the ground, he paused with a slight flutter, his legs folded into depressions, and he rose rapidly upwards with the lightness of a thistle caught up by an ascending stream of air, and then disappeared.

He described:

Coe experienced a sense of shock, the planes of that time looked different, here he actually observed a flying saucer, which tore up any patterns in his head. However, the close contact did not end there. Just six months later, Albert met the mysterious stranger again. Coe received a note stating the need to meet with Xretsim at the McAlpine Hotel in Ottawa. Naturally, the first thought that came to Coe's mind was that it was from the same stranger whom he had saved by the river. And he was not mistaken. They met, and when shaking hands, Coe felt an unusual sensation coming from a small device that the stranger had.

Later, Albert Coe explained to Dr. Berthold Schwartz that the device "registered the "vibration frequency" of his body, the data from which could be shown on the TV screen in another place." According to him, his frequency was in the database, his every step was "tracked".

They did it to make sure I kept my promise.

Coe said:

During the second meeting, Coe managed to find out that the strange stranger's name is Zret, unfortunately, he did not give more information, referring to the fact that everything Albert wants to know from him, he will tell at subsequent meetings that will take place within a few months. As a result, they met the following year in May and did not stop for the next five decades. During this period, the curious Albert managed to learn everything about Zret.

Zret belonged to a small group of extraterrestrial beings who came to observe the scientific achievements of people. For Earthlings, he was an expert in the field of electronic technology. The history of his people goes back thousands of years. But this particular mission began in 1904 when a hundred of his kind "penetrated into every major country on the planet - in the form of small groups of technicians - to observe and evaluate" every step of human progress.

"According to the Earth standard of time, I am exactly three hundred and four years older than you. This appeal to youth was a vital requirement for establishing our identity as Earthlings, as the foundation in fulfilling our mission here depends on whether you will be accepted by your various races as your own."

Matures told the Coe that when he fell, the panel on his chest broke, and he could not send signals to his base for help.

During further meetings, Coe learned in detail about the "Zret's civilization". He was told that they came from a planet called "Norca", which orbits Tau Ceti, located at a distance of 12 light-years from the Solar System. The planet stopped supporting life about 14,000 years ago, so they started exploring other habitable planets and fortunately found them in the Solar System. During their visit, they met Cro-Magnons (the earliest humans). They also established bases on Venus and Mars.

Albert Coe and his encounters

They were evacuated from their planet with the help of sixty-two huge carrier ships that could transport thousands of Norcans to their new home. The journey was disastrous, as they lost several ships, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, and the survivors landed on Mars. They spent thousands of years on Mars and managed to survive in the harsh conditions of the red planet. As they developed, they sent two ships in search of the best terrain: one to study the atmosphere of Venus, and the other to bring most people to Earth.

According to Coe, all people on Earth were dark-haired with dark eyes. The mutation occurred when the Norcans began to interbreed with them, and people with blue or green eyes and a different complexion appeared.  Zret stated that there is still a Norcan base on Venus and that they still regularly conduct experiments on Mars because of its rarefied atmosphere, which makes it an ideal laboratory. Until the end of the 1950s, Coe did not say a word about his meeting matured. Eventually, he told his wife about it, but she didn't believe him at first.

Summing up this fascinating story of Albert Coe, I want to include a skeptic and that's why. Firstly, the date of publication of information about this incident is not 1920 or even 1930, but 1950. Why is this of fundamental importance? The 50s of the twentieth century were marked by the popularity of the theme of Nordic-type aliens on flying saucers from Venus. Here is a small list of the most famous testimonies:

Yes, Albert's story is a little different in that it is not about the fact that they are from Venus, but the general description is quite typical of an era when the popularity of gray aliens and reptilians were not so high. But this is not the only reason why the whole story is put into great doubt and the point here is in the description of the device itself. Unfortunately, it is typical of people's ideas of the 1950s. Ladder, legs of the device instead of the chassis. Do you seriously think that a highly developed civilization will use such primitive technologies? She wouldn't have flown anywhere with them! In addition, in fact, there is not a single piece of evidence about what happened. Albert was with the family at the first contact. However, no one saw anything suspicious or flying. Taking into account the fact that Coe himself claims about the noise from a flying saucer. And in the mountains, the noise spreads and resonates very well. Our research group was not convinced by this evidence, but this does not mean that it is untrue. Perhaps you have more weighty arguments in defense of Albert's version.

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