Valiant Thor – a real alien from Venus on Earth or an invention of ufologists?

Valiant Thor – a real alien from Venus on Earth or an invention of ufologists?

The first mention of Valiant Thor appeared in the book" Stranger in the Pentagon" by Dr. Frank Strange, which was presented to readers in 1967. The writer-preacher, who was engaged in the study of UFOs, claimed that in 1958 he got his hands on pictures of an alien, allegedly flew from Venus. He presented them as real proof of the existence of other civilizations at sermons in evangelistic centers. At one of the meetings, Dr. Strange was approached by a Pentagon employee and offered to meet Thor personally. Was Valiant really from Venus? Why did he come to Earth?

Valiant Thor – a real alien


Valiant Thor arrived on planet Earth on March 15, 1957. Police officers patrolling the area were the first to find him. First, they saw an alien ship that slowly landed in a field near the city of Alexandria, Virginia. Then a tall man stepped out. He stopped to wait for the police to arrive. The alien asked law enforcement officials to arrange a meeting with US President Dwight Eisenhower. The police immediately contacted their superior, who relayed the stranger's request to the Pentagon.

Soon, agents of the national security Service arrived at the landing site of the alien ship. They took the man to the Pentagon. He introduced himself as Valiant Thor. That day, the alien made fun of the entire Pentagon security system. He easily bypassed it, using only telekinesis. Thor used telepathy to communicate with the commander of the US Navy. He was then introduced to Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson.

At the Pentagon

Valiant said that he flew to the planet Earth from Venus on the ship "Victor-1". At home, he is a member of the"Council-12". Representatives of other worlds often turn to him for help. It helps to find solutions to their problems. Therefore, Thor is sometimes sent to different parts of the Universe, but his main task is to maintain order in the Milky Way. He came to Earth in order to deal with the problem of increasing the stocks of nuclear weapons, which in the event of war can lead to a catastrophe of universal scale.

Valiant Thor – a real alien

The Pentagon staff tried to find out more information about alien civilizations from Thor in various ways, but they could not achieve their goal. They tried to inject Valiant with a special substance that was supposed to bring him to the surface. But during the injection, the needle broke. After that, Thor got very angry. He said that if someone else decided to approach him with such experiments, he would regret it very much. After that, the alien disappeared.

Meeting with the President

Thor handed the president a recording of the High Council leaders ' address. They offered earthlings access to new technologies and help in spiritual development in exchange for stopping the production of nuclear weapons. The president could not persuade the generals in charge of defense to stop developing new weapons. Then the head of state granted the Torah a special status for a period of 3 years. During this time, he could meet and communicate with various high-ranking individuals to prevent a nuclear war. Valiant was also involved in several secret projects, one of which was the construction of underground military bases, including Area 51.

Features of a stranger

According to Dr. Strange, Thor was about 180 cm tall and about 85 kg in weight. His skin was tanned, and his brown hair was slightly curled. His eyes were brown. There were no prints on the alien's fingers or palms. Thor had no navel. Valiant said he was 490 years old. He was fluent in 100 languages. His IQ level was 1200 points, which is hundreds of times higher than the average person's level of intelligence. He had the ability to appear and disappear at will. Thor could take apart the structure of his body at the molecular level and assemble it elsewhere. Outwardly, the alien was not much different from humans, except that he had six fingers on his hands. He also had a huge but light heart, and instead of blood, copper oxide.

Evidence of the presence of UFOs

The existence of the Torus is confirmed by the footage shown in 1995 by UFO researcher Phil Schneider. He claimed to have personally met a visitor from Venus who worked for the US government. Photos of the alien Schneider showed in his lectures to look more convincing. He was even called the "UFO witness". But, in fact, very few people believed in Phil's words. The picture he presented was dated 1943, and the Pentagon only found out about Valiant Thor in 1957.

In addition, it showed a white-haired man who does not look like Thor from the footage that was leaked to the media in 1958. But Phil assured his audience that he was well acquainted with many of the government's secret projects. He said that the US authorities signed the "Grenada Agreement" with the aliens in 1954. He also knew that the government had a special device that could cause an earthquake, and those alien beings were about to invade Earth. Schneider claimed that he was one of those who managed to survive the shootout with the aliens.

Valiant Thor – a real alien

A year after the information was made public, the scientist was found dead in his own apartment. The official cause of death is suicide. But according to some sources, traces of torture were found on Phil's body. Before the scientist's death, 11 of his friends died under the same mysterious circumstances. Therefore, many UFO researchers are sure that Schneider and his comrades were eliminated by the American special services because they knew too much and openly talked about it.

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