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J. F. Kennedy and the UFO phenomenon

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J. F. Kennedy and the UFO problem

On November 22, 1963, then-President John F. Kennedy was scheduled to deliver a speech at the mall in Dallas. On that day, Kennedy was killed as he drove through the crowd in his car with his wife, Jacqueline, at his side. Was it just the act of a madman, or were there other terrible truths behind this unexpected murder?


A year earlier, exactly on August 1, 1962, the actress Marilyn Monroe was found murdered in her villa in Los Angeles, who had an "uncomfortable" romantic relationship with J. F. Kennedy (and later with Robert, the president's brother). The meetings began in 1954 and began with secret meetings at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. The difficulties of this report, of course, were related to the policy and image of the president. In the course of his relationship with the actress, Kennedy improperly revealed a lot of top-secret information about the global political landscape and, above all, about the UFO problem.

The Revelations of Dorothy Kilgallen and the Death of Marilyn Monroe

In 1994, a private investigator from Los Angeles, Milo Spiriglio, received a copy of the document, which, apparently, was compiled by the CIA on August 3, 1962, that is, two days after the death of the actress. This document referred to the wiretapping of telephone conversations between the journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and her close friend from Hollywood. This conversation talked about the imminent breakup between Monroe and Kennedy and the fact that the actress threatened to tell all the secrets that the president trusted her: first of all, the problem of UFOs and the president's trip to a secret American city. database to view the "objects in space".

Dorothy Kilgallen

Kilgallen was not too surprised by these revelations and replied that she knew the reason for such a visit by the president, namely the secret base that hid the remains of the crash of an extraterrestrial plane (New Mexico in 1947). Back in 1955, Kilgallen published the sensational article "Flying Saucer", in which he revealed the operation of British intelligence to detect a flying saucer and its crew. The source, he said, was a British officer who wished to remain incognito. It also claimed that the British government was withholding an official report confirming UFO sightings "to this day", possibly to avoid a state of public panic.

On August 1, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was discovered in a state of septicemia at her Los Angeles villa after taking a huge dose of barbiturates (without swallowing a drop of water). The actress officially died at midnight, but the arrival of the ambulance happened. in just 3 and a half hours, that is, at 3.30 on August 2. The paramedics gave her oxygen and she seemed to be recovering from the terrible septicemia she had fallen into, but as they prepared to transport her on a stretcher to the hospital, Prof. Greeson, the woman's psychiatrist, who, to the amazement of the medical staff, gave the actress an intracardiac injection with such cruelty that she even broke a rib.

A death certificate signed by Dr. Thomas Noguchi will certify that the death was caused by lethal exposure to barbiturates. In the rooms of Monroe, a diary was found in which the actress wrote everything down and which, most likely, contained many secrets: even those that concerned the president's revelations about UFOs. The diary was taken into custody by Dr. Noguchi and placed in a safe, but mysteriously disappeared the next day.

Kennedy and the UFO...

What Kennedy knew about the UFO problem is supported by numerous documents that are no longer TOP SECRET, and some interesting evidence.

One of them, owned by Bill Holden, dates back to the spring of 1963. At that time, Holden was the main cargo in Air Force One and was traveling with Kennedy; talking to him about a UFO conference held in Bonn, Germany, he asked him: "President, what do you think about UFOs?", the President, darkening, replied: "I would like to talk to the public about UFOs. The question, but my hands are tied."

It is obvious that this statement implied a thorough knowledge of the subject.

The report, signed by Allen W. Dulles (then Director of the CIA) and dated November 5, 1961, explicitly refers to the US Air Force's UFO interception, the famous Blue Book project, and how Majestic-12 has undertaken some technology development for the use of atomic energy since 1954.

At the time, it seemed that there was a real tug-of-war between Kennedy and the CIA, which began with the dismissal of Dulles as director of the CIA. In fact, it was known that the president did not follow the same line of intent as the heads of the secret services, so much so that he once stated: "... The same position of president is used for subversive activities. the rights of citizens and it is my right to declare it...".

From a memorandum written by Kennedy on November 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination, addressed to the Director of the CIA (then James Angleton), regarding a review of the classifications of all the files of the UFO Espionage Division concerning Kennedy's national security. There is an obvious willingness to reveal the truth about unidentified flying objects to a wider range of government officials, and, consequently, to the public. In addition, NASA also participated in the re-validation of the data (quoted in the document).


In another document dated November 12, 1963, addressed to James Webb (then NASA administrator), the president explained how the United States should take joint action with the Soviet authorities to implement the space exploration program.

Although there were no explicit references to flying objects or extraterrestrials, such cooperation between the two world superpowers could seem at least strange.

On the contrary, we know with certainty from the interception of the hotline on 11/12/63, just twenty days after Kennedy's death, between the new President of the United States, Lyndon Johnson, and the Russian Prime Minister, Nikita Khrushchev, that the United States and Russia have already established some contact to possibly solve the UFO problem together: Johnson said. And further, the Russian Prime Minister said: We also think that UFOs are a topic of paramount importance for the security of our community...  (TOP SECRET UMBRA phone interception)

Lyndon Jhonson

Cooper's Revelations

As proof of this, John Lear, a pilot and former CIA agent known in the UFO community for his revelations about the Majestic-12 (MJ-12), was contacted by US Navy officer Milton William Cooper, who said that he had personally seen military documents about UFOs. In 1988, Cooper was dismissed from the army for disclosing information that was a military secret. But in the coming months, he shared all the other information he learned from TOP-SECRET documents.

William Cooper

But Cooper's revelations went even further: He said MJ-12 was the real culprit behind Kennedy's death, and the motivation was his willingness to release information about an alien presence on Earth. More precisely, he said that Kennedy was killed not only by the man who shot (Lee Harvey Oswald), but also by the secret agent who drove his car, and this, according to Cooper, will be seen from the video taken by the public on the day of the murder.

Two years after the Kennedy assassination, Killgallen interviewed Jack Ruby in his cell, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the" alleged " Kennedy assassin. After the interview, Kilgallen contacted her boyfriend Johnny Ray to tell him that she had an incredible dustpan in her hands, but she couldn't talk about it over the phone: she was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment next time. Morning of November 5, 1965, killed by a deadly mixture of alcohol and barbiturates

Jack Ruby died of cancer, in prison, before the trial began.

Numerous researchers and ufologists today believe that Kennedy's assassination is closely related to the information he was supposed to tell people about the agreements and plans envisaged by the shadow government (MJ-12) with a delegation of "gray" aliens who landed at Edwards Air Force Base in 1954 in the presence of then-President Eisenhower. In support of this thesis, there are further statements by Cooper, who, speaking about the meeting with the alien delegation, describes the so-called "evil pact" between the aliens and the shadow government, in which it was established that "the aliens will not interfere in our business. and we would not interfere in their affairs, keeping their actions and presence on Earth a secret." In return, the Grays will provide new technologies for scientific development. On the other hand, the aliens could periodically take people for DNA testing, since their race was in a state of disintegration.

A quote from President Roosevelt (1933-1945) reads: "If I have to choose between what is right and what needs to be done, I choose what needs to be done ..." and perhaps this is what happened between Americans. the government and the aliens.

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