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Dolores Barrios is an alien from Venus?

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Dolores Barrios is an alien from Venus?

For more than 70 years, UFO researchers have been tormented by the mystery of who this Dolores and her companions really were. If the names they mentioned were real, then why has no one discovered the slightest trace of their existence over all these years? 

Currently, the planet Venus is covered with thick clouds with a surface temperature of over +450 °C - this is enough to melt zinc, lead, and most organic materials. It is believed that Venus is the hottest place in the Solar System, with the exception of the Sun itself.

However, studies say that it could once have been inhabited. Could intelligent beings have lived on it then? Maybe they left their planet because of some cataclysm and found a new home somewhere else? For example, on Earth.

Dolores Barrios is an alien from Venus?

The case of Dolores Barrios is a classic example of a rare and strange story about Venusians living on Earth, who hide among us, masquerading as ordinary people.

In August 1954, the most "intriguing" ufo gathering in history was organized in the town of Mount Palomar, California. The main organizers of this event were popular in those years ufologists-contactors as George Adamski, Truman Beturum, and Daniel Fry. All three of them had their own stories of contact with UFOs and aliens, which were hotly discussed in the press.

The event was attended by thousands of people, including contactees, FBI agents, and UFO witnesses.

The event was attended by thousands of people, including contactees, FBI agents, and UFO witnesses.

On the first day of the congress, each of the contactees shared their experience. George Adamski was known for his stories about contacts with Venusian humanoids from the planet Venus. In his speech at the congress, he said that Venusians look almost like people.

According to him, aliens from Venus have penetrated deeply into our society and live in big cities. He even showed a painted image of a Venusian humanoid, very similar to typical Scandinavian-type people with blond hair, but not with such pale skin.

At the end of the first day of the congress, a strange girl was noticed among those present, who very quickly became the center of everyone's attention. She looked suspiciously like the portrait of the Venusian shown by Adamski - she had blonde hair and large dark staring eyes. And there was something very unusual about the structure of her skull.

Dolores ET from Venus

She was accompanied by two men who also had an atypical appearance - they were tall, blond, and very thin.

two Venusian escorts

Someone approached the girl and asked her a direct question without much difficulty: "Are you Venusians?". The girl, not at all bothered by this strange question, answered "No" with a smile. "Why are you here?" the interlocutor continued to insist nervously. "Because we are interested in this topic," the girl answered frankly.

"Do you believe in flying saucers?" the man continued to ask, getting more and more nervous.  The young woman, maintaining an amazing calmness, simply replied "Yes." Then the man asked her a new question, "Do you believe that aliens come to us from Venus, as he said (Adamski?)". The girl's response was as firm and decisive as it was alarming: "Yes, they come from Venus."

Then a journalist named Joao Martins, who came to the congress from Brazil, approached the unusual trio and interviewed three strangers. During the conversation, he learned that the woman's name was Dolores Barrios, and she was a fashion designer from New York. The two men were her friends Donald Moran and Bill Jackmart, musicians living in Manhattan Beach, California.

Despite the names and professions given to him, Martins was also suspicious of Dolores, since her unusual appearance really attracted everyone's attention. He also asked them if he could take a picture of them, but they refused and it was noticeable that they were annoyed that they were persistently called Venusians.

On the next day of the congress, Martins still came to the trio again and took several photos of them, which suddenly scared them very much. It was reported that after photographing the girl and her two companions quickly left somewhere in the direction of the forest and no one else saw them.

And soon after that, in the same area, people saw a UFO taking off from the forest. Unfortunately, his photo was not taken.

In October 1954, the whole story of the congress, the alleged "Venusians" and their strange escape was published by Martins in the Brazilian weekly magazine "O Cruzeiro". At the same time, it turned out that for some reason Martins was the only one who photographed these three strange people at the congress, although many of those who came to the congress had cameras.

By the way, Adamski himself did not like this story, he felt that this trio deliberately came to his event to "pretend to be Venusians" and harm his reputation.

And for more than 70 years, UFO researchers have been tormented by the mystery of who this Dolores and her companions really were. If the names and professions they mentioned were real, then why has no one discovered the slightest trace of their existence over all these years? Neither in New York, nor in California, nor in any other US state. Thousands of people have tried to solve this mystery over the years, but have not found anything.

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