Elizabeth Klarer fell in love with an alien from Venus and gave birth to a hybrid child

Elizabeth Klarer fell in love with an alien from Venus and gave birth to a hybrid child

The story of Elizabeth Klarer is one of the most bizarre and unusual in ufology. So much so that many suspected Elizabeth of inventing for the sake of self-interest or simply of having an overly rich imagination. The woman herself at the same time assured her that everything she told was true. Even if it involves falling in love with an alien, having a child with him, and traveling through colorful starry worlds.

 Elizabeth Klarer abduction

Some directly accused Elizabeth of being crazy, eccentric, or suffering from some kind of mental health problem. At the same time, Elizabeth Klarer was quite intelligent, literate, and educated. She was born in 1910 in South Africa, her parents were of noble birth and the girl was interested in music and science from a young age.

Elizabeth was particularly interested in meteorology, and when the Second World War began, she worked in the intelligence service of the South African Air Force and deciphered secret German radio broadcasts. After the war, she also did not do anything "eccentric or flighty".

But in 1950, a book about UFOs accidentally fell into her hands and she immediately remembered something that had long ago gone somewhere in the depths of her memory. She recalled that when she was 7 years old, she and her sister saw a flying silver disk in the sky, which glowed and hovered very low right above their farm.

And this was not a single event, but only the first of a whole series, when little Elizabeth watched the flying disks. These memories and a book about UFOs turned Elizabeth into a big fan of ufology, but the strangest events in her life began in 1954.

Elizabeth Klarer alien abduction

Elizabeth learned that over a hill in the countryside near Johannesburg, people often saw UFOs and she decided to go there and explore everything. When Elizabeth arrived there and talked to the local Zulus, they told her that there was a "lightning bird" on the hill and that it had been told about in their legends for many years.

When Elizabeth herself climbed this hill, she immediately collided with a low-hanging disc-shaped object. It was making a humming noise, and Elizabeth could see humanoid creatures in the ship's windows. She wanted to get closer, but she was abruptly pushed away by a wave of hot air, but in doing so, she immediately received a telepathic connection with the creature from the UFO, which said that his name was Akon.

In 1956, she was given a second chance. When Elizabeth came to the hill again, she saw the flying disk descending, landing on the top of the hill, and then Akon came out of it and invited Elizabeth inside. Next to him was his friend, whom Akon introduced as a botanist and astrophysicist, and then they both began to take Elizabeth around the ship and talk about him.

Elizabeth Klarer abduction

They said that their flying saucer is a scout ship and that there is a mother ship orbiting the planet that is much larger than this one. They flew there and Elizabeth saw a huge cigar-shaped object, the length of which was 8 miles, so she was told.

Inside this ship, everything resembled a huge beautiful city, there were houses, parks with trees, glades with flowers, and even artificial lakes. And of course, there were a lot of humanoids. Elizabeth described them as very similar to humans, but taller, more beautiful, more polite, gentle, completely non-aggressive, and non-violent.

Akon and the others told Elizabeth that they were actually from Venus and that they had lived on it before it turned into a cold piece of stone. When Venus died, they flew to a planet called Meton and now live there. They described that when Venus was a normal planet. there were many plants and it was very similar to the Earth.

They said that Venus was lost due to the fact that its orbit was changed, and she got too close to the Sun. And that when they realized that something irreparable was going to happen, they started leaving Venus in search of other worlds, and used the Earth and the Moon for temporary stops.

Elizabeth learned that the Venusians still have their bases on Earth, the Moon, and even on Mars, and they regularly visit them because they feel responsible for the fate of earthlings and want to make them more developed.

After this detailed tour, Elizabeth was returned to Earth again, to the same hill, but even then she realized that Akon was very much attracted to her as a man. Akon also showed feelings for Elizabeth. In the following months, they met several more times and Akon gave her a special ring with which Elizabeth could telepathically communicate with him at any time.

There were also intimate contacts between them, after which Elizabeth once realized that she was pregnant. It was 1958, and when Elizabeth told Akon about the baby, he suggested that she fly to their planet Meton so that Elizabeth could give birth there. So they did.

The planet Meton was very advanced and was one of the seven planets that the Venusians inhabited. Elizabeth then described in detail what civilization looks like on this planet and her words painted a perfect society as in a utopia. There were no wars, no crime, no poverty, everyone had equal rights and everyone had the same access to food

There was no monetary system, and all homes and businesses were powered by renewable and unlimited energy. People wore luxurious silk clothing and lived mostly in vast areas-parks. In their cities, there were no high-rise buildings, no factories, and the air was very clean.

The children were taught by telepathy and therefore had no textbooks or schools. 

In size, Meton is similar to Earth, but slightly larger and it is almost entirely covered by oceans. The pieces of land there are islands, not continents. The climate is very good and they keep it under control.

They have almost everything you can want, it's really a utopia. Not only are they thousands of years more technically advanced than we are, but they are also very spiritually advanced. They have no politicians, no laws, no money. Medicine there is a science that is not even considered mandatory for health, they are all healthy anyway. Their way of thinking is different from ours. They are very loving, gentle and creative people. Everyone does the job they love the most.

There is no need for law, no crime and no police. Everyone's behavior is controlled only by a code of ethics. They constantly create beauty around them, there is complete harmony with it. Their houses are beautiful and made of transparent walls. They don't have books, but they make up for it with frequent trips across the galaxy, and they always take their children with them, even the smallest ones, to learn from their experiences.

They have the technology to look into the past at any point in history. For example, they can see our planet in the time of the dinosaurs. They paint beautiful pictures and write wonderful harmonic music. They have no problems in learning languages, because communication through telepathy does not require it

In an interview with UFO researcher Stuart Bush, Elizabeth told for example that's:

In general, Elizabeth was in a wonderful place and of course, she really wanted to stay there forever. However, it turned out that this was not possible, and she was told that the vibrations of Meton were very different from those on Earth and that if Elizabeth stayed here too long, her heart would become very weak. Elizabeth was forced with tears in her eyes to say goodbye to Akon and leave her son Ayling with him, to return to Earth.

An Akon drawing made by Elizabeth

Akon drawing made by Elizabeth

In the following years, Akon and Ayling visited Elizabeth many times on Earth, and then Akon and his son went on a great journey through the galaxy.

In the mid-1970s, Elizabeth told the whole story to ufologists and became very popular in their society. She was interested in journalists, she attended various conferences about UFOs. Unfortunately, in other places, Elizabeth was mostly ridiculed for "fantasy" and "writing".

In 1980, Elizabeth Klarer published a book about herself, "Beyond the Light Barrier", but after that, she began to be insulted even more and even persecuted. They sent her threats. intimidated, so soon Elizabeth decided to "go underground". She stopped communicating with ufologists and journalists.

In the 1990s, she worked on her second book, The Gravity File, but did not have time to finish it, passing away in 1994.

The story of Elizabeth Klarer still evokes a skeptical smile and reads like a fairy tale, but Elizabeth herself, according to her entourage, was sane until her old age, did not look like a mad dreamer, and always said that her words were true.

P.S. Pay attention to who Akon looks like, depicted by Elizabeth. This allows us to draw certain conclusions

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