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Was there an invasion? An African shaman shared information from the distant past

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Was there an invasion? An African shaman shared information from the distant past

Credo Mutwa - a famous African Zulu sangoma (folk healer) from South Africa, told about an ancient, mysterious legend passing from generation to generation of his family for many thousands of years, somewhat shedding light on a very ancient past. Of course, his story seems incredible, but he is quite convincing in the search for the causes of pain and suffering that we have seen throughout the history of Mankind...

Chitauli - that's what he calls them. Those who are now called "reptiloids", according to Mutva, rule the Earth and, in addition to the knowledge transmitted by his ancestors, he had a personal experience of meeting them...

The African Shaman, also known as the Wise Elder: The Mutwa Creed

The African Shaman, also known as the Wise Elder: The Mutwa Creed

my Zulu ancestors claim that many, many thousands of years ago, a race of lizard-like people arrived from the sky, people who could change their appearance at will. And the people who married their daughters to a seemingly human (outwardly) gave birth to a strong race of warriors and tribal leaders, there are hundreds of fairy tales in which not only a Chitauli man, but also lizard women took the appearance of human beauties and married Zulu leaders.

Mutwa says:

At an advanced age (he is now 94 years old), he increasingly spoke about this knowledge and personal experience. However, unlike most people, the Zulu shaman claims that these "aliens" are not really aliens from a distant "star" at all. He believes that they are actually from Earth or from somewhere "nearby".


These so-called "aliens" do not come from far away at all. I believe that they are here among us, and I believe that they need some things from us, just as some of us humans use certain things of wild animals, such as monkey glands, for certain selfish purposes of our own… And too many people are tempted to look at these "aliens" as supernatural beings. And they are just material, living beings, just OTHER, incomprehensible to us...

Mutwa said:

The healer also believes that they have sinister intentions, and before their arrival, people lived in peace, amicably, as a whole... 

The Chitauli came to Earth, they arrived on terrible carts that flew through the air, in vessels that were shaped like large bowls and made terrible noise and terrible fire in the sky. And the Chitauli told the people, whom they had gathered together by force with lightning lashes, that they were great gods from heaven and that from now on people would receive great gifts from the gods.

These so-called gods, similar to humans, but very tall, with a long tail and terrible burning eyes, some of them had two eyes - yellow, clear eyes, others had three eyes, a red round eye was in the center of their forehead. Then these beings took away the great abilities that humans possessed: the ability to speak only with their minds, the ability to move objects only with their minds, the ability to see the future and their past, and the ability to travel. spiritually, to different worlds.

All these great forces of Chitauli took away from people and gave people a new power — the ability to speak.

But people, to their horror, discovered that the power of speech divided them, not united them, because the chitauli cunningly created different languages, and they caused a great quarrel between people. In addition, the chitauli have done something that they have never done before: they gave the people leaders to govern them, and said:

These are your kings, these are your leaders. They have our blood in them. They are our children, and you have to listen to these people, because they will speak on our behalf. If you don't, we will be cruel to you...


Before the arrival of Chitauli, before the arrival of the Imbulu beings, people were spiritually united. But when the Chitauli came, people were divided both spiritually and in language. And then the Chitauli gave people strange new feelings. People began to feel fear and therefore began to build villages with strong wooden fences around. People started creating countries.

In other words, they started creating tribes and tribal lands that had borders that they protected from any possible enemy. People became ambitious and greedy, and they wanted to acquire wealth in the form of cattle and seashells...

Whether the shaman is telling the truth or not is up to you. The only thing we can comment on in this situation is that David Icke is looking all over the world for confirmation of his theory. do we have written evidence of this story or any other besides words? Perhaps you have more information about this


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