Argentine children on board a UFO

Argentine children on board a UFO

In 2007, this event marks its 15th anniversary. The aliens not only took four small children from Argentina to their "plate", but also rolled them for three days, showing various cosmic wonders, after which they returned home.

Adults lie. Teenagers lie. Children can't lie like that. Apparently, they actually spent some time onboard the spacecraft) … They really flew into space and saw the sights, as ordinary tourists do

Roderigo Ortiz, a special cases investigator from the Concord police station, said:

Apparently, the eldest of the children, eight-year-old Maria, told her brothers and sister that it was God who was taking them to heaven. "He", whoever is meant by the word "He", was standing behind the dashboard of the ship.

The press of those days called the names of the children: Maria Molero-eight years old, her sister, six-year-old Emma, and two brothers-five-year-old Jorge and Carlos, who was barely three years old. Judging by the stories of children, as well as adult eyewitnesses of the incident, which turned out to be at least half a dozen, the UFO was a "saucer" with a diameter of about 23 meters, although quite unusual.

On August 9, 1992, the "flying saucer" descended, directed a powerful beam of bluish light at the children and, as it were, drew the kids into the ship with this beam.

– A big golden ship took us up into the sky, and God himself ruled the ship. He was a very good God, and he told us to call him "Layar". He showed us the moon and the stars. 

Maria Molero told later:

Other children confirmed their sister's story and admitted that they were "scared, but just a little bit."

Jorge Molero clarified that the one who took them away did some strange things with them: – He poked each of us in the face with a small stick and poked a needle there, but it didn't hurt at all."

Emma Molero added:And I liked the bedrooms on the ship because all the beds were so soft and high and fluffy. Well, the smallest, Carlos, was delighted that "there were a million buttons and lights. And that man had a big head and two big yellow eyes. But he was not scary, but funny."

Due to the difficulties associated with interviewing young children, adults did not know what to do or think. What did happen during the three days onboard the UFO? It is clear that the children were subjected to some kind of medical examination. This was indicated by needle marks and marks on the cheeks (in the picture, these marks on the face are marked with circles). The press reported that the UFO was detected by radar – on the day when the children disappeared, and on the night when they returned. The military did not deny this but did not confirm it either.


– We are conducting an investigation, and its results will be made public – - said the representative of the military. – Now we continue to interview children and hope that soon we will have some more reliable information.
By the way, the Argentine ufologist Armando Asparensa also tried to talk to the children, but the military opposed this.

The incident was quietly hushed up, nothing more was reported about it. One can only guess how likely this is. For Argentina – quiet. Because strange things have always happened here.

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