Alien abduction of four men in Allagash

Alien abduction of four men in Allagash

This is a story about one of the most unusual cases of alien abduction. At the same time, four people were abducted - four men. In the USA, this case is one of the most famous ufo phenomena. 

On August 20, 1976, four Boston residents went hiking in the woods near Allagash, Maine. Two were twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, the third was their friend Charlie Waltz, and the fourth was their acquaintance Chuck Urik, who was the most experienced in terms of tourism and was the head of the group.

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It was not the first time they went hiking in such a composition and adored this type of recreation. The plan in each case was the same - for a few days to wander around the forest, go fishing in the river and swim in a boat. On the first night in the forest, everything was fine, but on the second, the oddities began. They saw an incomprehensible light in the sky and it definitely wasn't a plane. 

A couple of days later, the men went on a night fishing trip and built a large bonfire on the shore of Eagle Lake, which was supposed to act as a lighthouse. When they were preparing fishing rods, having sailed away from the shore by boat, that strange light appeared in the sky again, and when one of the men turned on a flashlight and pointed it up, the light in the sky became even brighter and eventually illuminated their entire boat. The twins and Waltz were seized with great terror at that moment and they began to row desperately to the shore, but Urick was fascinated by the bright light and looked at him with all his eyes.

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And then everything disappeared and the next thing all four remembered was how they were standing in a row on the shore next to a fire that had burned down to ashes. It took at least a few hours and each of them realized it, but no one wanted to talk about it. Also, everyone felt mentally and physically exhausted and just wanted to get to the tents and go to bed, which they did. And the next morning, everyone behaved as if nothing had happened.

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In 1988, Jim Weiner was involved in an accident in which he received a traumatic brain injury, due to which he began to regularly have nervous seizures. But in addition, it turned out that he had been tormented by nightmares for a long time and he understood that these were not just dreams, but memories of what happened at night during a hike in the forest. In these memories, he saw gray humanoid creatures with dark eyes without eyelashes and with a "metallic luster". The creatures had long necks, had four fingers on their hands, and had strangely shaped heads.  And these creatures examined him like doctors examined a test animal, while three other men were in the corner of the room and looked at him.

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Soon Jim Weiner's experiences became so painful that he began looking for a ufologist to tell him about what had happened and find out what he should do about it now. At the same time, he was joined by his brother, Rack and Waltz, who also had unusual frightening dreams and they also wanted to find out what happened to them.  After a short search, Jim Weiner contacted Raymond Fowler, the founder of MUFON and told him their story.

Fowler advised to consult a specialist in regressive hypnosis Anthony Constantine. All four of them had sessions with Constantine, during which they recalled some details of the abduction and how the aliens took them from the boat, and then returned them back to shore.  Among the manipulations that were carried out on them, some spirals and other unusual tools were mentioned that were inserted into their bodies. During the examinations, tissue and fluid samples of various types were also taken from them.

Everyone mentioned these manipulations as painful and traumatic.  And before these manipulations, four men were illuminated with a blue light that paralyzed their will, and then they were brought into the room and ordered to strip naked.  According to Anthony Constantine, the Weiner twins had some signs that this was not the first time this had happened to them and they may have been abducted as a child.

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And after hypnosis sessions, Jim Weiner discovered a strange small tumor on one leg on his body. The tumor scared him and he immediately ran to the hospital, where it was surgically removed.  Fowler was very interested in this tumor and after the operation he made attempts to find out if he could take it for himself. However, instead, he found out that the tumor was sent for examination to a certain colonel of the US Air Force in Washington State (!).

Fowler tried to find out who exactly the tumor was sent to and where it was examined, but also all in vain. In his opinion, this suggests that the US authorities could have been involved in the incident and tried to remove evidence. Fowler later wrote a book about the Allagash case.

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