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Nordic aliens and a provincial housewife

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Nordic aliens and a provincial housewife

It happened on November 16, 1957, at a country house on Fentham Road, Aston, Birmingham. Twenty-seven-year-old Cynthia Appleton, who had two daughters aged three and one, experienced what we consider today as a "temporary failure." She completely lost her memory for an hour, and later she was informed that the aliens unsuccessfully tried to make contact with her.

However, at 3 p.m. on November 18, a strange "atmosphere, something like a storm or thunderstorm, filled everything with charged electricity, the air turned pink (this is very similar to what was happening in Levelland). Then there was a fairly strong whistling noise. A smell like ozone filled the room, and a figure materialized in Mrs. Appleton's chair, where an old newspaper lay blackened by an electric discharge."

Nordic aliens close encounter

Soon the lighting became normal, the young mother found herself being stared at by a tall humanoid creature with elongated eyes, pale skin, and long blond hair (classic Nordic type). He was wearing a silver suit and helmet. According to Cynthia Appleton, the creature looked like a "Greek athlete."

At first, she was scared. The alien spoke to her telepathically. "Don't be afraid of anything," he said. Their conversation was quite lengthy. It turned out that the guest came from the planet Charnasvarn (she thought it was Venus) for peaceful purposes, but he was alerted by our atomic weapons and aggressiveness.

The alien spread his arms wide and created something like a hologram over his head. In 1958, when Mrs. Appleton first told psychologist John Dale about this, holograms had not yet been invented, but judging by her descriptions, it was exactly them. Images of UFOs in three dimensions and atomic explosions appeared in the air.

Aliens contactee

It was the first meeting, there were eight of them in fourteen months, the last one took place on January 17, 1959, . Only during the first two, the alien appeared out of the fog. In all other cases, he passed through the front door, was dressed in an old-fashioned suit, and once even appeared in a hat!

During these visits, the woman was given extensive information. She was told that she has a brain to which they can "adapt", and this allows them to communicate with her more successfully than with other people. She was given information about the structure of the atom, how to treat cancer by rearranging the vibrational velocities of subatomic matter, that time is an artificial concept and even news about the dynamics of the development of the laser beam.

Child of nordic alien

This was confirmed by Dr. Dale's notes made before such a discovery was made on Earth. Much of this turned out to be much beyond her capabilities, and Mrs. Appleton could not understand why such information was transmitted to her. She didn't have the vain ambition to become a media star or achieve popularity like other contactees. She was confused by everything that was happening but accepted what was happening. Dr. Dale was very impressed by her stories, he visited her several times.

Reverend J. Priest Tiley also came to her, he believed that she deserved full trust. "I believe in her story from beginning to end," he said. Her husband, Ronald Appleton, a welder, was not present at the meetings with the alien but was completely confident in his wife's sincerity. But one of the doctors hinted to the woman that she was going through postpartum depression and just imagined everything.

The eldest daughter Cynthia was four years old when the last encounter with the alien took place. She was present at this. The alien complained that he burned his hand. Her mom put some jelly on his hand and then washed it in water.

When the alien disappeared, a large piece of skin was found in the water. It was taken for analysis to the University of Birmingham, but it was not possible to determine its nature there. Dr. Dale took part of the skin with him to Manchester, where university scientists examined it under an electron microscope. They came to the conclusion that most likely it was the skin of an animal, not a human, but they could not say more precisely.

The most unusual visit was the last one, in September 1958. Mrs. Appleton was doing laundry when an alien walked in the door and calmly said that she was going to have a space baby!

"Your husband will be the father of the child, but the child will belong to the Charnasvarn clan."

He added:

He did not say how all this would happen but said that they knew all the details about the newborn baby. The 7-foot-3-ounce boy will be born at the end of May 1959 and will have blond hair. She was told what name to give the baby. When he grows up, he will become a very significant person in the world.

But as far as Cynthia knew, she wasn't pregnant. However, when I went to the doctor, it turned out that the alien was right. She's been pregnant for about a month since he showed up at the house.

All this is confirmed by the relevant documents. Ronald Appleton was probably a little concerned about any possible intergalactic involvement in the conception of a child. The boy was born with blond hair, weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces, but with a difference of several days from the predicted date.

Ron Appleton stated after the birth of the boy (he was given a name suggested by aliens!) that Cynthia should ask the people from Venus to provide them with financial assistance to raise the child. In response (via a telepathic message), she was informed that they did not use the money on Charnasvarn.

If he suddenly shows up, I'm going to tell him that I'm the father of the boy.

In an interview with the newspaper "People" Ronald said about the alien:

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