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Aliens attack the ISS. Russian cosmonaut finds alien life

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Aliens attack the ISS. Russian cosmonaut finds alien life

Russian scientists have proved the existence of alien life. However, this is not a humanoid or any advanced form, but a biological variety.

Russian station workers took swabs from the outside of the "ISS skin" during one of the missions. According to our cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, colonel of the Russian Air Force, samples are taken in more darkened areas and in places where fuel waste accumulates, the release of which occurs during engine operation.

Anton Shkaplerov, colonel of the Russian Air Force

All samples are sent to earth for further study.

To the surprise of scientists, the tests revealed unidentified bacteria that covered the surface of the ship's hull. Based on the samples taken, it was decided that these microorganisms are not harmful to humans.

Let's hope that this is true and nothing terrible is hidden from us because the introduction of something like this into our world can lead to great changes if it suddenly, someday, spreads beyond the controlled laboratory environment.

This bacterium is unlike anything I've seen before. It is indeed alien in nature.

Anton Shkaplerov made a statement:

These microorganisms came from somewhere in space and this is an important discovery that proves that alien life really exists!

The smears were found to contain bacteria that were not present when the ISS module was launched. Earth structures have also been found that have survived vacuum conditions and extreme temperature extremes from -150 ° C to 150 ° C.

According to Shkaplerov:

Earlier, Roscosmos has already reported on the detection of viable spores of terrestrial microorganisms on the surface of the ISS, and according to the results of these studies, the hypothesis of the existence of an "ionospheric elevator" mechanism that transfers tropospheric aerosol substances from the Earth's surface to the upper ionosphere was confirmed.

Aliens attack the ISS

Incredibly, such bacteria can constantly mutate. This is like a kind of defense mechanism, which is a problem for astronauts on the ISS. Treatment of infection can be fatal if it is not stopped in time.

We knew that bacteria behave differently in space and that higher concentrations of antibiotics are required to kill them.

Dr. Luis Zea, lead author of the study, said:

Any bacteria, no matter where they come from, can pose a threat to all of humanity, both now and in the future. But it is also possible that these bacteria can provide information for the treatment of any serious diseases. We can only hope that these "aliens" are friendly and willing to help us. Bacteria are very smart, because their mutation ability helps them survive. 

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